Prioritizing When Every Task Is A Priority

Prioritizing tasks, even when every single one is a priority, is crucial for being more productive in our lives. Today, we share with you these 5 tips on how to achieve it:

1. Reflect on your big goal

What is your big goal? It is something that you continually think about, but never get to set in motion. Surely you have at some point set yourself as goals ideas that cross your mind such as getting fit, arranging a meeting with old friends, starting a business, etc. How to prioritize tasks, if everything seems important?

Ask yourself: Is this really your “goal”? If the answer is yes, then why don’t you do it? Is it because of lack of time or lack of motivation? The answer here is because it is not one of your priorities. Or is it? If it is, then you have to make that goal a top priority.

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2. Take action

We often spend a lot of time talking about what we want to achieve. “I want to go to the gym”, “I want to write a book”, “I would like to move house”, etc. But, however much we think or talk about them, we do not know how to manage these tasks. How to stop procrastinating?

So, instead of thinking “I want to go to the gym,” start looking for the nearest one and go sign up. Instead of thinking that you would like to move house, start by looking for a flat and get down to work with the following steps (for example, reading the “salmon-colored pages”).

3. Prioritize, and do it now

Prioritizing something means giving preference to it. Therefore, prioritize that task that you consider more important than others and move it to the first spot on your task list. Yes, here the order of factors does alter the product. Turn your goal into your number 1 priority.

4. Begin with your T+

In our course on productivity and time management, Triskelion, we give you an important key for prioritizing: start each day doing this priority task (T+), your most important goal of the day. If your top priority (remember, the number 1) is moving house, you will need to start the day looking for advertisements for houses, so you can get a little closer to your goal. Come on!

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5. Work on your priority daily

Until it becomes a reality, you must work on your priority every single day without exception. Do not leave it for another day, do not procrastinate unnecessarily. This is the only way you will get more productive and always know how to manage your tasks.

And you, how do you prioritize your tasks?

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