The formula for productivity: Knowing how to choose what not to do today

The formula for productivity is in your hands and you have not discovered it yet, but we are going to tell you about it. It is not some magic equation or universal recipe. It is much easier than that and you can start using it from right now. If you want to manage your time effectively, you should start here: knowing how to choose what not to do today.

As every morning, you have your to-do list before you with an extensive list of tasks to be done and you are well aware that you will not able to fulfill it. But you do not care and decide to go for it because you trust blindly in your great powers. However, with the passing of time you realize you are not a superhero and you are not going to achieve it no matter how you try.

Here are the ingredients of the formula for productivity that will help you choose what you should not do today:

1. Establish your priorities

The tasks on your to-day list can be endless, but you must know how to differentiate what is a priority and what is not. Define which tasks, in order of importance, you should have completed no matter what before moving to the less important ones.

2. Decline meetings

Meetings can really become a waste of time. Select the meetings which are well planned, focused, with topics and time schedules that are relevant to the achievement of your priority tasks.

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3. Cross out tasks

Yes, it may sound crazy, but those tasks that are not imperative or important or that do not have to be done within the day can be crossed out. This way, you will avoid worries and reduce stress.

4. Say “No”

The word “no” can become a great ally of a productive person and the greatest protector of your valuable time. Say “no” to those tasks which are not priorities or which are not planned.

5. You decide, and do it now

Do not wait for the events of the day to decide for you what to do or not to do. Likewise, do not let others be the ones to determine which tasks you need to plan for the day.

6. Plan your timing

No one knows you better than yourself, so take advantage of that. Note the times when you are more productive so as to calculate and schedule the tasks you have previously prioritized. Remember that you do not have superpowers.

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Do you have a formula to improve your productivity?

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