Gamelearn Presents Its Brand New Offices And Confirms Its Growth

It’s premiere time in Gamelearn. We have just opened new offices in Madrid to accommodate a larger team and meet the new needs of a growing company, with new challenges ahead and a workforce that keeps growing and growing.

The step forward to our new headquarters is the result of the growth being experienced by Gamelearn in recent years. And not just at business level, but also at talent level. A lot of new professionals have become part of our family. In just one year, Gamelearn has tripled its size (we are now more than 50 employees in the offices in Madrid) and has opened new doors to new professionals and specialists marked by their innovative character.

Gamelearn offices

Gamelearn has tripled its size with more than 50 employees in the offices in Madrid

One of our goals has been to design a welcoming, inspiring and fun workplace for our employees to work in. Improvements in our new home in Gamelearn are many and visible. The office is designed to make the day to day run more smoothly for our team.

The new facilities are much more spacious and natural light takes on greater prominence. It also has meeting rooms for each department, more functional and modernized common areas and even a play area to make the workday more manageable, and even fun.

Play zone offices Gamelearn

The play area in the new offices in Madrid

It is precisely the play area, located at one end of the office so it doesn’t interrupt concentration, what reflects what has been the history of the company so far: a young company that grows while it plays. Darts, game consoles, table tennis and even foosball, all serve to encourage creativity and good atmosphere in order to face the working day with more energy.

In our new location we will also keep committing to sustainability. Bicycle parking, many plants and a compulsory recycling policy will continue to characterize Gamelearn’s offices as a young, modern and productive space, as befits the world leader in game development for corporate training.

awards room Gamelearn

A meeting room with our awards

entrance gamelearn's office

We have created a good atmosphere in order to face the day with more energy

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