Gamelearn Attending the Online Learning Conference in Chicago as a Speaker

It is “back to school” season and Gamelearn is travelling to Chicago this September to take part in the Online Learning Conference, a meeting organized by the prestigious publication Training Magazine, a voice for the training industry for more than 50 years.

In this international event, held from September 20 to 22, we will share our view on an issue which is particularly appealing to HR departments: how to improve engagement through game-based learning.

In Gamelearn, we will be represented in this important forum by our partner and specialist in training and development through video games, Mak Kishun. Her speech will take place on the 21st at 12:00 local time, under the title Boost Employee Engagement Through Game-Based Learning.

In the course of the session, we will explain to the audience how game-based learning is transforming the learning industry, especially in the field of corporate training.

The current e-learning is boring and ineffective, because it does not motivate students. This lack of appeal results in only 25% of the people who start an e-learning training completing it. In addition, very few employees voluntarily access the training platforms that their companies provide them with.

All of this has a huge cost for any company, so increasing engagement, that is, commitment, is crucial for organizations. The solution proposed by Gamelearn is game-based learning, an innovative methodology that is revolutionizing the market.

This transformation is driven by the advantages offered by games to meet the training needs of any type of student, especially of younger generations. The trend of game-based learning is not just growing exponentially, but it is bound to outmatch traditional learning methods.

All this will be explained and discussed by Gamelearn at the Online Learning Conference, where special attention will also be given to other aspects, such as:

  • Virtual classrooms
  • Games and Simulation (game-based learning)
  • Platforms and Tools
  • eLearning and mobile learning
  • Engagement

This is the 12th event that Gamelearn is attending this year, which confirms the exponential growth of the company, a leader in the development of serious games for corporate training.

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