7 signs that you are stressed out

Is your day coming to an end and you have not done everything you wanted to do? Do you keep forgetting things and you are feeling stressed? Do you feel your work accumulating? If your answer to all these questions is yes, then you are probably doing more work than your body can take. It is time to readjust your priorities.

Sometimes we take more tasks than we can perform and we face an unnecessary overload of work which is actually damaging to our work productivity.

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In today’s post, we have collected 7 warning signs showing that you are doing more than your body can take. Find out if you are overworked:

1. Not enough time

Do you have too many things to do? If you feel you need way longer days to meet your to-day list, then it is possible that you are not prioritizing your tasks properly. Your list of daily tasks must be manageable and not look like it is endless.

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2. Your work accumulates

The first step to free you from your workload is to learn how to say’no’. Do not let others define what your main tasks are, it is you who must decide, upon reflection, what your priorities are and begin by doing the most important tasks.

3. You don’t delegate

The most obvious sign that you are doing more than you can take is the lack of delegation. Delegating tasks to others is not only necessary for your productivity, but also for your business and your leadership skills.

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4. You don’t reach your goals

Your day ends and you have not met your priorities. That is another sure sign that you are doing more than you can do. As a result, you end up doing less important tasks that take away time from other things. Redefine your priorities and you will see your stress decrease.

5. You make promises you cannot keep

Do not fool yourself. Avoid vague expressions such as “I have to call somebody…” or “I’ll have this done today.” Unintentionally, you are procrastinating because you cannot finish all your tasks. Define the next steps to take and get to work.

6. You don’t sleep.

Rest is essential in order to be productive, but your workload will take its toll on your mind during the night. If you do not sleep or do not rest well, then it is time to lighten your task list.

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7. You miss opportunities

Missed opportunities are an indicator of something going wrong. If you let the opportunity of joining an interesting project or improving your business or professional life pass by because of stress and poor time management, you should get to work and change that.

What about you? Do you think you are doing more than you can take? Which of these signs are you familiar with?

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