How gamification helps to promote innovation in companies

When we speak of “gamification“, we mean the use of mechanics and gameplay elements in environments away from typical playful atmospheres, and with a learning objective. Gamification in a company allows the acquirement of habits and the achievement of goals, in other words, it is a revolutionary system for talent development.

Gamification enables innovation in those areas in which it is used. Many companies have spent years investing in new tools such as serious games for the training of their teams. Thanks to the implementation of game-based learning programs, businesses promote creativity and generate motivated and trained staff that makes companies grow. Why?

Gamification involves these “innovative” properties:

  • Immediate feedback from participants
  • Both short-term and long-term challenges to measure experience
  • Levels and scores that show the user’s progress
  • Rankings promoting competitiveness and measuring progress

This is where Gamelearn, world leader in the development of video games, simulators and apps for management skills or soft skills training, helps promote innovation in hundreds of companies around the world. This Spanish company, based in Madrid and California, spent years in charge of the training programs of many HR departments, which have already implemented the Triskelion course in time management or Merchants course in negotiation.

But these serious games designed by Ibrahim Jabary and his team not only cater to the needs of companies seeking to develop the skills of their employees. They are targeted to anyone who wants to learn techniques and skills to improve professionally and personally, within or outside an organization. Gamelearn simulators connect with an increasingly technological environment in the hands of “millennials”.

Innovation is also present in meetings nowadays, quite supported by digital formats and audiovisual solutions. The Brilliant Meeting application allows the speeding up of work meetings in any organization and rewards the most effective participants with different levels (learner, teacher…) to reach the guru status. It is a commitment to innovation in order to optimize the resources of companies and teams, emphasizing the revolution in talent management and creativity in work environments.

Through these type of gamified tools, companies boost motivation and employee involvement, which ultimately benefits the business and the commitment to innovation projects of companies.

What does your company do for innovation?

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