How does time management simulator Triskelion work?

Simulation has been used in corporate training for developing technical skills learning since some decades ago. However its use in soft skills training is relatively recent.

Soft skills training is usually more complicated because they have to be practiced in order to be developed. So contents need to be applied to be learned. With the simulator students can learn from their decisions, strategies and mistakes.

The time management simulator of Triskelion, makes the interaction possible between players and the game, so students can visit different scenarios, talk with different characters and manage their meetings, tasks and time.

The success of simulation is the result of combining it with a videogame format and a story line.

In Triskelion, players take on the role of a history professor looking for the secret of the Order of Wisdom. During the game students manage tasks, meetings and organize their agenda and trips. The advanced simulator of Triskelion allows players to learn to delegate, to manage their in-box, and get to travel around the different scenarios and countries. They even talk to various historical characters.

Students live an adventure that turns them into time management experts. With Triskelion, students learn to be more efficient, productive and balance their professional and personal life.

The simulator ensures learning because students learn from their mistakes building their confidence to face real world situations.

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