Gamification in business as an antidote for lack of motivation

The emergence of gamification in corporate training has come to be the solution to one of the big problems businesses nowadays need to face: lack of motivation of employees. And without motivation, new concerns arise: lack of commitment, negative attitude, conformism, decrease in personal productivity, bad working environment…

Hence, employee motivation has become a new and powerful field of research within corporate training. HR departments know this and so have tried everything until they hit the nail on the head: gamifying companies.

In a business network in which only 13% of employees feel motivated, according to this study by Gallup, the game becomes the most powerful tool in corporate training if this trend is to be changed.

Gamifying” refers to the use of the principles and mechanics of the game in situations which have nothing to do with it. But, why are gamification techniques so effective in motivating employees? Here are five important reasons:

1. They build commitment and improve engagement

The employee becomes a player with goals and tasks to accomplish within a framework of competition with others. This competition (through leaderboards or rankings) to be the best and avoid being last generates greater commitment and engagement in the worker.

2. They involve through personal recognition

One of the most powerful elements of gamification are reward systems. There is nothing more motivating than knowing your actions and decisions can lead to personal recognition and the recognition of one’s peers as well.

3. They encourage proactiveness and interaction

That’s the social element of gamification. Employees interact with each other, share their experiences and generate new links which ultimately improve working environment and encourage proactiveness.

4. They amuse, entertain and captivate

Gamification is based on the game, and if you’ve been a gamer, you know it amuses, entertains and captivates. Fun must become a goal in itself in order to find the motivation we are looking for in an employee.

5. They raise motivation and productivity

That is the final goal of gamification and corporate training. Having a motivated employee is directly related to their performance and productivity. And HR departments are more certain about it with each passing day.

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Are you already familiar with gamification in training through your company? Do you want to bring back motivation in your employees through games? Contact us now and tell us your story.

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