How To Be A Good Leader… To Become A Better Boss (I)

Today we want to tell you how to be a good leader while avoiding the most common mistakes made by bad bosses. First of all, pay attention to the traits that identify noxious leaders:

  • They pay more attention to problems than to solutions
  • They think they know everything
  • They are not usually accessible to their teams
  • They think of people as tools and / or machines
  • They do not know how to listen
  • They are distrustful
  • They never express gratitude
  • They are egocentric
  • They do not delegate or let others make decisions.

In order to be a good leader, follow these 6 guidelines:

1. Be humble

If you are a leader, then you are a team manager as well. Highlight the strengths of your collaborators over their weaknesses. Bring out the best in every person, express gratitude for a job well done and thank frequently. The easiest way to be humble is to start smiling. Smile at everyone, nothing is so serious that should stop you from doing it.

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2. Communicate

Share with others what you are trying to achieve. Do an idea-sharing session about goals and objectives. Explain your intentions in a positive way. Remember that bad bosses do not know how to lead and cannot see past the problems. Do not do that and visualize success instead. Only by thinking positive will you convey an attractive and motivating view to your team.

3. Listen

Unlike bad bosses, good leaders listen to their people. Learn to listen to others and show interest in your team. Ask them what they think, find out what concerns them and get to know their professional opinions regarding the projects that you have implemented. Become a listener to your own team and see how much you get in return.

4. Ask for feedback

The proof that you are on the right track to become a successful leader is in your courage when asking others for feedback about yourself. Do not fear criticism; on the contrary, good leaders must know how to surround themselves with people who are willing to analyze and assess their management. To be prepared for censure and constructive criticism is a sign of a strong leadership.

5. Think strategically

Think about your environment through a broad scope to get to see what others can’t. Learn to take a step beyond the simple tactical details to locate your business, and focus on the “whys” and “what fors” of the decisions you make.

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6. Turn the singular into the plural

When you talk, use “we” instead of “I”. Speak in the plural, get the others to feel part of your team. You are a whole, a team of people with common goals. The more “we” there are and the less “I” you say, the stronger the bond among everybody and the stronger the involvement in the project.

In our next post we tell you how to be a good leader without becoming a bad boss. Do not miss it!

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