Communication and Leadership: these are the Leaders of Today… and Tomorrow

Communication and Leadership go hand in hand. That is why a leader needs to know how to convey the most important ideas. This is how the leader of today and tomorrow communicates:

Count on people

People are the cornerstone of leadership. Everything that has to do with leaders, it has to do actually with the people that we want to lead. As leaders, we must understand the motivations of our team and make it possible for people to do what they want to do in order to reach a common goal. Good communication is essential to our leadership and in relating to our team.

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Ask the key questions

To understand those motivations, we can ask ourselves a number of key questions that will make us better understand the people around us. Here are some questions that we must clear up:

  • What is success for your team?
  • What motivates your team?
  • What frustrates them?
  • What values do the people you work with hold?
  • What hobbies do the people in your team have?
  • What makes them feel proud?
  • What makes them feel worried?

If we can answer these seven questions, we will have achieved a better understanding of the people we work with. And we will be able to establish successful leadership through communication.

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Connect with the team

Communication with employees is the basis for establishing the link that every leader needs to have with their team. We have the perfect opportunity to calm people down and motivate the group whenever it is necessary (also for the opposite; that is why it is important to communicate properly).

To dialogue with our team, to be interested in the doubts and concerns of our colleagues, to be accessible when we are needed, etc., they are essential attitudes so as to develop our leadership skills and establish a good connection.

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Generate trust

We want our people to feel part of the team. The best way to do that is to empathize with them. If we know about their interests and motivations, it will be easier for us to identify with them and build trust.

Ask questions. Observe what it is that motivates your employees, and try to promote it.

How do you communicate with your team?

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