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What does the Editor do?

The Editor allows you to create REAL game-based learning experiences. The final product? A training video game. Find some examples below.

Create your game




Test technical product knowledge in lifelike situations.

Duration: 3 min.


Template: Sales Training

Plug in your content for ready-made scenario-based sales training.

Duration: 5 min.


Personal Branding

Provide practical advice on effective professional profiles.

Duration: 7 min.


Interview Prep

Give practical examples for professional development skills.

Duration: 7 min.


Safety in the factory

Recreate critical scenarios to ensure risk prevention.

Duration: 5 min.


The car dealership

Use branching scenarios to simulate sales situations.

Duration: 5 min.

How does the Editor work?

We practice what we preach. Play our tutorial games to become an Editor expert.


The basics

Learn the basic structure of a game and how it is built in the Editor.

Duration: 10 min.


Content and storytelling

Learn how to include learning content and build a narrative.

Duration: 5 min.



Learn about the game mechanics that control the play.

Duration: 5 min.



Learn about interactivities and their applications.

Duration: 5 min.

Why create serious games on the Editor?

To make learning FUN again, that’s why!


Learners can easily access your serious games on desktop, mobile, or tablet, so they can play wherever.


You can translate your serious games into up to 20 languages so they scale globally with little effort.


Simultaneously work on the same game with your team to speed up production without sacrificing quality.


All you need is an internet connection to enjoy updates that are instantly effective across all deployments.

Thousands of resources

Create any adventure you want using a wide selection of 3D objects, scenes, and realistic characters.

Revenue share

You pay based on how many times your game is played, so we only make money if you make money.

Create, deliver, and measure your success

Manage your game-based learning portfolio in just one place.

What our creators say…

“Gamelearn’s Editor is the most effective and accessible tool I know on the market to generate game-based learning.”

Carlos Ramírez R&D Technician

“The Editor cut our development time in half, we can now build viable games almost on a weekly basis. All the assets it has and the way you can integrate your own makes it so quick and easy to use.”

Nachiketas Bhatkar CEO

“The Editor has given us ease-of-use. It’s a tool with endless potential, very adaptable. We can build actual simulations for and with the client. Whatever we think of, we can deliver it.”

Andrea Acquaviva Account Executive

“All L&D professionals now are turning to digital and e-learning solutions, and the most innovative option is serious games. The Editor has allowed us to create and customize our games according to the needs of our clients.”

Haytham Alfiqi General Manager

“It gives you the ease of use and scalability needed so that you only have to think about the content.”

Rob Alvarez Product Manager

The most awarded game-based learning platform in the world

Gold Stevie Award 2022 2022 Stevie Awards for Great Employers

2022 Serious Play Award Gold medal Gamelearn 2022 Serious Play Conference Awards

Gamelearn Award Stevie Awards 2021 grey logo 2021 Stevie Awards for Great Employers

Gamelearn Award EdTech Awards 2021 grey logo 2021 Best Authoring Tool Solution

Gamelearn Award Serious Play Awards 2021 grey logo 2021 Serious Play Conference Awards

Gamelearn Award Corporate Excellence Award 2021 grey logo 2021 Best Game-Based Learning Platform

Gamelearn award The Bizz 2017 gray logo 2021 The Bizz Hybrid Award Winner

Gamelearn award Stevie Award 2020 gray logo 2020 Stevie Awards for Great Employers

Gamelearn award International Serious Play Awards 2020 gray logo 2020 Serious Play Conference Awards

Gamelearn award Brandon Hall Group 2019 gray logo 2019 Brandon Hall Excellence Awards

Gamelearn award Stevie Award 2019 gray logo 2019 Stevie Awards for Great Employers

Gamelearn award International Serious Play Awards 2019 gray logo 2019 Serious Play Conference Awards

Gamelearn award World Education Congress Awards gray logo 2018 50 Most Impactful EdTech Leaders

Gamelearn award Brandon Hall Group 2018 gray logo 2018 Brandon Hall Excellence Awards

Gamelearn award The Bizz gray logo 2018 The Bizz Awards Business Excellence

Gamelearn award Aenoa Awards gray logo 2018 Best Training Platform

Gamelearn award Stevie Award 2017 gray logo 2017 Stevie Awards for Great Employers

Gamelearn award Training Industry 2017 gray logo 2017 Top 20 Training Company

Gamelearn award Elearning gray logo 2017 Elearning! Magazine Learning! Champion

Gamelearn award Engage Awards Finalist 2017 gray logo 2017 The Engage

Gamelearn award Brandon Hall Group 2017 gray logo 2017 Brandon Hall Excellence Awards

Gamelearn award UK Customer 2017 gray logo 2017 Customer Experience Awards

Gamelearn award APEL gray logo 2017 Best Innovation Solution

Gamelearn award LearnX Impact Awards 2016 gray logo 2016 LearnX Impact Awards

Gamelearn award Training Industry 2016 gray logo 2016 Top 20 Training Company

Gamelearn award Expansion gray logo 2016 Innovation in HR Award

Gamelearn award Brandon Hall Group 2016 gray logo 2016 Brandon Hall Excellence Awards

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