Pacific: the Serious Game to Train Leaders

Pacific: the Serious Game to Train Leaders

Managing people is the essence of leadership. Since last October 29th, developing this ability is within the reach of every professional, employee or individual. On that day, we launched the first Serious Game in the market for leadership training, Pacific, in a magnificent event that lived up to our third course-game.

Here is the video summary of the event at the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid:

And so we launched the course-simulator with which we intend to revolutionize the current view of leadership in corporate training. You may still have questions about why your company needs to train new leaders or how to get your employees to become effective managers. Contact us now so we can answer all your questions:

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You can also see all the pictures of the premiere of Pacific here or find out all about the Serious Game on Leadership and Team Management in this link.

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