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Case Studies


ADA Trailer

The tool that makes any onboarding process an attractive, fun and engaging experience for all students.


Mars Trailer

Customizable serious game for your training initiatives and internal communications.

2100 Trailer

Manage 14 real customer-service situations and build your own corporation in a 100% customizable serious game.

Pacific Trailer

An adventure of survival on a desert island to show your skills as a leader and return home safely.

Merchants Trailer

Become the greatest merchant in the Venice of the fifteenth century and learn how to negotiate from historical figures such as Da Vinci and Machiavelli.

Triskelion Trailer

A suspenseful adventure to follow the clues left by Seneca in cities like Rome or Cairo, and discover the secret of the Order of Wisdom before it is too late.

Case Studies

Case Study MSD

The pharmaceutical MSD has raised its productivity in an 8% while reducing training costs in a 58%.

Case Study Phone House

And games work. Working with Gamelearn for the past six years has brought us many things, and we want this to continue.

Norauto Testimonial

“It makes the employee come to the training, and not the training be imposed on the employee.” José Vicente Navarro (Training responsible at Norauto)

Case Study Saint-Gobain

“We were interested in modernizing and providing a much more pleasing format.” Sabrina Robin, Professional Quality Certifications Coordinator

Case Study BCD Travel

“We had a gentleman that used Gamelearn for the first time this year and said that it was the best training in 19 years he had ever received in our company.”

Case Study Fujitsu

“From the point of view of effectiveness and efficiency, the training experience is extraordinary.” Scherezade Miletich
(Director of Development and Training at Fujitsu)

Case Study BBVA

If you want to reach everybody in your company, you have to make use gamification and videogames.

Case Study Bombardier

“The most impressive aspects of Gamelearn’s training proposal are flexibility and interactivity.” Miklos Szaszkay
(HR SSO Lead at Bombardier)

Case Study Dometic

“In order to do that, you don’t only need a variety of topics, but also a wide range of methods.” Kerstin Klockenbrink, Head of Dometic Academy

Case Study LG

LG Electronics becomes one of the first companies to implement the videogame as a tool to increase the ‘engagement’ of its employees.

Case Study Vestas

Gamelearn, Overall, it is an enhanced version of these e-learning platforms.

Case Study Caixabank

“Competing and playing bring out the best in you. And by bringing out the best in you, you assimilate the information better and then you use it in your day-to-day work.”

Case Study Sareb

“The materials are very useful from educational and training points of view. They are applicable to your day-to-day. I trust a high-quality product.”

Case Study Sanitas

“It managed to change behaviors within our company.” Daniel Ferreiro (HR Responsible at Sanitas)

Case Study Packt

I’ve tried other game-based learning products, but the way that Gamelearn captures your interest is very hard to match.

Case Study Coca-Cola

“Coca-Cola FEMSA is the largest public bottler of Coca-Cola products in the world. This Mexican based company operates 64 plants in ten countries and serves 381 million consumers daily.”

Case Study Axa

“Unlike previous training programs, with Gamelearn’s solutions we have never had to promote online training to employees.”

Case Study MAN Truck & Bus

This success story demonstrates that the development of soft skills like time management or personal productivity, through a video game is effective to increase the employee motivation.

Case Study Banesco

While classroom-based classes worked on 4 or 5 skills, video games deal with over 20. The return on the investment is much greater.

Case Study NHS Wales

“After 12 years of experience and a lot of online programs, I have yet to see something as good as Merchants.”

Case Study NHS Wales

“The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. The vast majority of our learners were really engaged with the program.”


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