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ADA – for Onboarding Process

The tool that makes any onboarding process an attractive, fun and engaging experience for all students.

2100, course – video game in Customer Service

Manage 27 real customer-service situations in a 100% customizable serious game where a company can edit its own content.

Pacific, course – video game in Leadership and Team Management

A leadership and team management manual designed after 12 years of research based on interviews with hundreds of CEOs, presidents and managers all over the world. With tips, techniques and strategies tested in classroom training for 15 years.

Merchants, course – video game in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

Immersed in the fifteenth century Venice , the students will face 6 negotiations. Only their knowledge will make them succeed.

Triskelion, course – video game in Time Management and Productivity

A unique adventure where students will learn to manage their to-do list , meetings and travel to find out the clues that will reveal the secret of the Order of the philosopher Seneca.