Gamelearn’s courses

COUNTDOWN (managers): Serious game on remote team management


In this serious game, students play as Yulia, a renown aerospace project manager hired by NASA to lead the “ARM Project” to repair one of the International Space Station’s robotic arms, damaged in a recent accident.

The game is divided into four different sprints, or workweeks, in which players will put their skills and knowledge as remote project managers to the test, assigning tasks and addressing the needs of individual team members. Will the team have everything ready in time for spaceship GL 2020 to dock into the ISS? The answer hinges on the skills and abilities of their manager.

• Learn how to set your team up for success while working from home.
• Gain the tools you need to more effectively manage your team’s tasks.
• Improve team communication by using the appropriate channels and approaches.
• Learn how to lead remotely: resolve conflicts, increase motivation, build a sense of belonging amongst your team, and more.

COUNTDOWN (telecommuters): Serious game on telecommuting

Countdown is a serious game designed to equip players with the knowledge and tools they need to work productively and efficiently from home while also maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Students will play as a high-profile aerospace robotics engineer hired to work remotely for NASA to help them detect problems and design a repair strategy for one of the International Space Station’s robotic arms, damaged in a recent accident.

• Learn the keys to preparing and organizing your home workspace.
• Build a routine that makes you more efficient.
• Discover how to properly organize your time to complete all tasks, manage interruptions, and be more productive.
• Learn tricks to maintaining a good working relationship with your coworkers.

KAOS: Serious game on conflict resolution

KAOS is an up-and-coming German rock band with a bright
future. But, just two weeks out from the gig of a lifetime — opening for the mega-famous Red Hot Chilly Fries— the band starts to have some serious internal problems. If they can’t properly address them, the big show, as well as their promising future, might be in jeopardy.

It’s up to Günter Martin, the band’s manager, to step in and mediate the group’s problems. Their success will come down to his ability to correctly approach the issues and apply the right conflict resolution techniques.

• Understand the keys to conflict.
• Practice the “KAOS” method for conflict resolution.
• Learn to mediate between the involved parties.
• Discover ways to minimize the sources of conflict.

S.O.S: Serious game on emotion management

Bima is an elite surfer who recently recovered from a career-threatening injury. Just as she’s ready to hit the water again, her coach tells her that her rehab isn’t quite done, and she’ll have to miss the Olympics.

With her dreams crushed, she attempts to run from her problems, embarking on a boat trip that ends up with her lost at sea. With her back against the wall, Bima must learn to face her emotions and keep them under control if she wishes to return home.

• Learn to recognize your emotions.
• Understand what positive and negative emotions mean for you.
• Learn techniques to keep your emotions in check.

CHOCOLATE: Serious game on influence and persuasion

Markus is sent to South America to learn about cocoa plantations and the company’s supply chains. There, he meets Olivia, an activist fighting for Fair Trade, who shows him the secrets of persuasion and influence.

From that moment on, the two set off on a path to make the world a better place. The success of their lofty goals hinges on their ability to influence the people around them.

• Learn the secrets of persuading and influencing people.
• Learn how to be persuasive in your messaging.
• Practice strategies of influence and persuasion.

CHRISTMAS: Serious game on assertiveness

Just hours before Christmas Eve dinner with his family, an unusual surprise leaves Jose Gabriel without his Christmas turkey..

In a race against time, Jose Gabriel sets off on a wild adventure through Mexico City, having run-ins with all sorts of different characters, to try to get his hands on the prized dish. The fate of Christmas Eve will rest on his ability to face conflicts, communicate assertively, and tell people “no” with conviction.

• Identify and understand the three behavior types when dealing with conflict (passive, aggressive, or assertive).
• Learn to deal with conflict in an assertive way.
• Discover the four-step method for crafting an assertive message.
• Learn how to say “no” assertively and stick to it.

SAHARA: Serious game on effective task delegation

You’ve been hired as a consultant by a sustainable construction startup to tackle their internal delegation problems and, thus, help them avoid bankruptcy.

Work with them as they set their sights on a major competition that will get them the funds needed for their next big project in the Sahara: building refugee camp housing using recycled plastic bottles.

• Understand why effective delegation is important for improving results.
• Learn an easy and effective process that will help you to better delegate.
• Learn tips and tricks to delegate productively.
• Practice your delegation skills in realistic situations with the in-game simulator.

AQUA: Serious game on giving effective feedback

Somewhere in Kentucky, a sustainable community does its best to survive a suffocating drought that’s lasted almost three years.

To keep the ecovillage alive, Gina proposes an idea to make sure everyone has enough water: build a well. Her ability to help her team reach their main goal will depend on her ability to give effective feedback.

• Understand how to use feedback to drive the improvement of those around you.
• Discover an easy, effective process for modifying behavior.
• Learn tricks and tips for giving both positive and constructive feedback.
• Practice your feedback skills in over a dozen practical cases using the game’s realistic, integrated simulator.

IDEA: Serious game for creative thinking techniques

In this game, players become Dr. Niccolo Ferrara, an art professor at the University of Florence. Through his research, Dr. Ferrar discovers the existence of a mysterious piece of art and sets o on a passionate search to discover its whereabouts.

Throughout this adventure, the protagonist will have to go through a wide array of creativity-related challenges. Da Vinci designed a complex system of clues leading to a work of art that, when discovered, will make history

• Unleash your creative potential.
• Understand the basics of creative thinking and how to use them in your everyday life.
• Discover and practice creative thinking techniques that will enhance your ability to solve problems, create solutions, and lead to new opportunities.

ECHO: Serious game for coaching

Echo is a serious game about coaching in which students assume the role of a prestigious coach tasked with assisting an important public figure to effectively implement a global strategy to eliminate plastic from our oceans.

Through three simulated coaching sessions, students must utiilize their skills and abilities to make sure their coachee defines their objectives, analyzes the reality of the situation, explores alternatives, and designs an action plan.

• Fuel talent development throughout your team.
• Discover a step-by-step coaching process.
• Learn techniques to command control over conversations across the various coaching stages.
• Develop the skills and tools necessary to become a great coach.

CRYPTO: Serious game for cybersecurity

In this game, the player is Alex Lee, a security analyst and private detective whose mission is to infiltrate the company and detect its security holes.

Crypto is a fun graphic adventure that mixes puzzles, point & click exploratory elements, and an exciting narrative adventure. Players must find, analyze, and exploit corporate cybersecurity holes throughout the five levels of the video game eventually leading to the most unexpected of endings.

• Identify the common actions that could impair the security of your computer data.
• Learn techniques and tricks to protect your devices and social networks.
• Detect and prevent email and communication network attacks.

MARS: Have your employees compete individually or in teams to demonstrate their knowledge on any subject

In 2030, colonists begin settling on Mars. In this game, students will build a new civilization in which information and knowledge will be the key to survival.

Multiply the engagement of your training process and internal communication
Transmit information instantly and in a homogeneous form to staff geographically dispersed
Support the digital transformation of your company

Pacific: Serious game on leadership and team management

Pacific is the first course-game in the market for the development of leadership skills. Through a survival adventure, the employee:

Enhances communication to improve task delegation, motivate and performance.
Develops techniques to increase team effectiveness and efficiency.
Increases self-confidence and trust in his or her leadership skills.

Merchants: Serious game on negotiation and conflict resolution

Merchants is ideal for improving the performance of your business and negotiating skills all at the same time. Set in the Venice of the fifteenth century, the employee faces 6 real negotiation cases in which the employee:

Develops techniques to prepare, conduct and close a successful negotiation.
Improves the ability to understand the other party and communicate proposals with a greater impact.
Builds mutual trusts in win-win negotiations.

Triskelion: Serious game on time and personal productivity management

Triskelion is an organizational performance system designed to improve general management efficiency and time management. Based on a story full of suspense, the student faces simulated real-life situations in which the employee:

Develops and practices techniques to improve his or her personal productivity.
Learns to effectively manage an agenda.
Improves the ability to make decisions, manage daily tasks and reduce stress.

2100: Serious game on customer service

“2100” is aimed at any employee who has a direct contact with the customer, and also at every person with management responsibilities who need to understand the impact of customer service on the company. Through “2100”, the employee:

Develops techniques and tools to improve the quality of customer service.
Improves the skills of empathy, initiative, proactivity and management of conflict situations.
Practices and learns by solving real situations.

ADA: Serious game for internal communication, training and onboarding

ADA becomes an ideal tool to improve internal communication regarding general company policies, corporate culture (mission, vision and values), sales processes, compliance policy, etc.

Multiply the engagement of your training process and internal communication.
Save time and reduce the costs associated with any training program, onboarding or internal communication.
Support the digital transformation of your company.

What do our customers say?

“I think what Gamelearn offers is a platform that is suitable for everybody, even if you’ve never experienced any kind of elearning before, or if you’ve never experienced gamification. It’s so easy to access.”

James Emanuel
Global Learning & Development Manager

“We have experienced a cost reduction in training of a 58%.”

Tanit Ruiz
Learning & Development director

“From the point of view of effectiveness and efficiency, the training experience is extraordinary.”

Scherezade Miletich
Director of Development área

“Through game-based learning, we have achieved excellent results, which is what we have always sought to do in two complex areas such as productivity and ‘engagement’ of the employee.”

Juan Tinoco
HR Director de LG Spain

“We can provide something both fun and modern to adventure a litle further into the digital era, instead of just offering a classroom training.”

Sabrina Robin
CAP Coordinator

“The response to the course has been very positive, to the point where we have identified cases in which the employee has invested time of his private life to complete the training.”

Miklos Szaszkay
HR SSO Learning & Development Lead

“This initiative has engaged our employees and it has really proven to be attractive to them; that is why it has been a success.”

Luis Sagí-Vela
Training & Development Manager

“Competing and playing bring out the best in you. And by bringing out the best in you, you assimilate the information better and then you use it in your day-to-day work.”

José Miguel Mejías
Debt Collection Director

“The training experience is spectacular. I have seen it change behaviors and conducts within my company.”

Daniel Ferreiro
HR Director

“Gamelearn has the value of other e-learning platforms, but with added elements of competition among players, engagement and personalized feedback. Overall, it is an enhanced version of these e-learning platforms.”

Carlos Molinero
Director of Human Resources

“The best training in 19 years he had ever received in our company. It’s pretty sweet.”

Chicka Elloy
Senior Director, Strategic Talent Management

"It makes the employee to come to training instead of the training to be imposed on the employee."

José Vicente Navarro
Training Manager

"The video game makes it easy for employees to bring what they learn directly to their jobs. They almost immediately see it in their day-to-day and it helps them change the way they do things."

Gloria Arias Martínez
Personnel Management

“People enjoyed it. While you're having fun, you're also unconsciously soaking in what you're reading and the tools that the game is giving you. We covered a lot of ground in just a short period of time.”

Betsy Ninco
Skill development manager

"Training nowadays, in the digital age, requires innovation. Not just innovation for its own sake, but with a goal in mind. And games work. Working with Gamelearn for the past six years has brought us many things, and we want this to continue."

Carlos Rubio
raining and Development Manager

“The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. The vast majority of our learners were really engaged with the program.”

Henry C. Docx
Senior Manager, Talent Development

"It really felt like you were watching something from Disney or Pixar and the implementation on our part was so easy. Actually, everybody learnt something fun."

Kyle Freedman
Corporate Training Manager

"The games have a fun aspect that directly links to emotion. Nothing can compare to remembering information which is connected to an emotion."

Magdalena González
Corporate Training Manager

"It was a valuable lesson during social distancing. Communication is ever more important when working remotely."

Sheila Landfair Mueller, Ph.D.
Lead Faculty - Organizational Leadership

“Innovative and addictive! The best way to get motivated in completing the course.”

Clement Maziol
E-Learning Manager

“I recommend and encourage other companies to do the course; it is a great investment for employee development.”

Théo Douetts Camurça
Director, Franchise Development EMEA

“Merchants will allow us a return on investment because of better deals with customers.”

José Vargas
Talent Manager LATAM Ericsson

“It was an exceptional experience for me. Outstanding. You should ask your boss to buy it.”

Leonardo Ferre
Metropolitan Manager

“We want every euro invested in training to obtain maximum performance, and that is what we have achieved.”

Francisco de la Calle
C&B Manage

“Unlike previous training programs, with Gamelearn’s solutions we have never had to promote online training to employees.”

Yolanda Otero
Head of Leadership Training and Knowledge Management

“Challenging, competitive and over all very effective.”

Yolanda Huerga
HR Director Phillips

“Merchants is the only positive experience he had with e-learning products.”

Susana Gomez
HR Director at Kellogg’s

“After 12 years of experience and a lot of online programs, I have yet to see something as good as Merchants.”

Andrew Bunn
Training & Development Manager

"Gamification provides a better way to capture the attention of students, particularly for the more boring aspects of the training."

Carlos Gallardo Flores
Training Director

“One of the biggest challenges is finding and retaining talent with attractive learning methods within Dometic. In order to do that, you don’t only need a variety of topics, but also a wide range of methods. Reading a PDF document can no longer be the only learning technique.”

Kerstin Klockenbrink
Head of Dometic Academy

“I’ve tried other game-based learning products, but the way that Gamelearn captures your interest is very hard to match.”

Urmila Mukherjee
Training and Development Manager

"The product, characters, scenarios… we loved everything. It was a revolution. The training had a clear before and after."

Yolanda Díaz-Chirón Sastre
National Training and Development Manager

"We've been able to instill an identification with our brand in our new hires. Thanks to ADA, all departments throughout our entire organization were involved in onboarding."

Enrique Moreno
Training Manager

"Working with Gamelearn enabled us to overcome the challenge we faced in having a geographically dispersed workforce and move forward in the digital transformation of the department and company."

Jaime Velasco
Manager Engagement, Learning & Development

“From an L&D perspective, we wanted higher learner participation and to cater to the immediate business need of negotiation upskilling.”

Aditi Sharma
Learning and Development Lead

"Many people tell us that they were able to put everything that they learned into practice in real situations and that this has helped them enormously in their everyday lives."

Sébastien Ioannitis-McColl
Business Competitiveness Counselor

“It was an effective way to reach different profiles. We covered the training needs of different groups of job positions.”

Brenda Sánchez
Training Coordinator
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What do our students say?