Gamelearn’s courses

Pacific: Serious Game on Leadership and Team Management

Pacific is the first course-game in the market for the development of leadership skills. Through a survival adventure, the employee:

Enhances communication to improve task delegation, motivate and performance.
Develops techniques to increase team effectiveness and efficiency.
Increases self-confidence and trust in his or her leadership skills.

Merchants: Serious Game on Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

Merchants is ideal for improving the performance of your business and negotiating skills all at the same time. Set in the Venice of the fifteenth century, the employee faces 6 real negotiation cases in which the employee:

Develops techniques to prepare, conduct and close a successful negotiation.
Improves the ability to understand the other party and communicate proposals with a greater impact.
Builds mutual trusts in win-win negotiations.

Triskelion: Serious Game on Time and Personal Productivity Management

Triskelion is an organizational performance system designed to improve general management efficiency and time management. Based on a story full of suspense, the student faces simulated real-life situations in which the employee:

Develops and practices techniques to improve his or her personal productivity.
Learns to effectively manage an agenda.
Improves the ability to make decisions, manage daily tasks and reduce stress.

MARS: Have your employees compete individually or in teams to demonstrate their knowledge on any subject

In 2030, colonists begin settling on Mars. In this game, students will build a new civilization in which information and knowledge will be the key to survival.

Multiply the engagement of your training process and internal communication
Transmit information instantly and in a homogeneous form to staff geographically dispersed
Support the digital transformation of your company

2100: Serious Game on Customer Service

“2100” is aimed at any employee who has a direct contact with the customer, and also at every person with management responsibilities who need to understand the impact of customer service on the company. Through “2100”, the employee:

Develops techniques and tools to improve the quality of customer service.
Improves the skills of empathy, initiative, proactivity and management of conflict situations.
Practices and learns by solving real situations.

ADA: Serious Game for internal communication, training and onboarding

ADA becomes an ideal tool to improve internal communication regarding general company policies, corporate culture (mission, vision and values), sales processes, compliance policy, etc.

Multiply the engagement of your training process and internal communication.
Save time and reduce the costs associated with any training program, onboarding or internal communication.
Support the digital transformation of your company.

ADA GDPR: video game to train and communicate the new General Regulation of Data Protection (GDPR) of the European Union

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) replaces the Data Protection Directive 95/46 / EC. It was designed to harmonize data protection laws across Europe and protect the privacy of European Union citizens.

It came into force in April 2016, but, after a two-year transition period, it will be next May 25 when companies that do not comply with the regulation face fines of up to 20 million euros.

What do our customers say?

Case Study Gamificación

Case Study Gamificación

“You may think that a solution like this one has an extra cost because it adds value and benefits, but we have experienced a cost reduction in training of a 58%.”

Tanit Ruiz
Learning & Development director at MSD

“From the point of view of effectiveness and efficiency, the training experience is extraordinary.”

Scherezade Miletich
Director of Development área at Fujitsu

“Working with Gamelearn for the past six years has brought us many things, and we want this to continue.”

Carlos Rubio
Training and Development Manager at Phone House Spain

“We can provide something both fun and modern to adventure a litle further into the digital era, instead of just offering a classroom training.”

Sabrina Robin
Coordinadora de CAP, Saint-Gobain

“Innovative and addictive! The best way to get motivated in completing the course.”

Clement Maziol
E-Learning Manager at Abbott

“I recommend and encourage other companies to do the course; it is a great investment for employee development.”

Théo Douetts Camurça
Director, Franchise Development EMEA

“Merchants will allow us a return on investment because of better deals with customers.”

José Vargas
Talent Manager LATAM Ericsson

“It was an exceptional experience for me. Outstanding. You should ask your boss to buy it.”

Leonardo Ferre
Metropolitan Manager at Unifoods

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Case Study Gamificación

“This initiative has engaged our employees and it has really proven to be attractive to them; that is why it has been a success.”

Luis Sagí-Vela
Training & Development Manager at MAN & TRUCK Iberia

“Competing and playing bring out the best in you. And by bringing out the best in you, you assimilate the information better and then you use it in your day-to-day work.”

Sabrina Robin
Coordinator CQP at Saint-Gobain

“The training experience is spectacular. I have seen it change behaviors and conducts within my company.”

Daniel Ferreiro
HR Director at Sanitas

“Gamelearn has the value of other e-learning platforms, but with added elements of competition among players, engagement and personalized feedback. Overall, it is an enhanced version of these e-learning platforms.”

Carlos Molinero
Director of Human Resources at Vestas

“We want every euro invested in training to obtain maximum performance, and that is what we have achieved.”

Francisco de la Calle
C&B Manager at Novartis

“Unlike previous training programs, with Gamelearn’s solutions we have never had to promote online training to employees.”

Yolanda Otero
Head of Leadership Training and Knowledge Management

“Challenging, competitive and over all very effective.”

Yolanda Huerga
HR Director Phillips

“Merchants is the only positive experience he had with e-learning products.”

Susana Gomez
HR Director at Kellogg’s

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What do our students say?