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Platform Terms and Conditions


Following the principles of legality, loyalty, and transparency, the following Privacy Policy is available to all users.

Gamelearn, S.L. will only act as the Data Controller to process the professional and contractual data necessary to comply with the provisions of the regulations and contract. For this reason, among others, we will process the data to verify the use of licenses, issue diplomas, and better understand the user experience with the goal of instituting improvements and developments requested by clients.

However, for data processing related to the service and employee training, the following policy will apply:

Who is your Data Controller?

The Data Controller is the company you provide your services to.

Who is your Data Processor (DP)?


Gamelearn, S.L.




Calle Segundo Mata 6, 2ª planta, oficina 9, 28224 Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid.




+34 913 519 089

* A Data Processor is the natural or legal person, public authority, service, or other body that processes personal data on behalf of the Data Controller. That is, Gamelearn will process your personal data according to the instructions of the employer you lend your services to.

As Data Processor (DP), why do we process your personal data on behalf of your employer?

Gamelearn, S.L. provides a platform on which to carry out your corporate training activities.

In this sense, Gamelearn is responsible for commissioning the platform, its technical aspects, as well as its maintenance and storage.

Your company processes the information you provide us for the following purposes:




  • Manage enrollment of authorized users.
  • Manage access to all documents and courses. 
  • Manage access to the ability to develop courses according to the contract. At the end of each course, students will be issued a diploma, which can be accessed via the platform at any time.
  • Access other users’ statistics to track your progress*.
CONTENT ON THE GAMELEARN LMS THAT YOUR COMPANY HAS ACCESS TOAdmin at your organization will have access to a student management tool that allows them to manage students, track progress, and monitor other relevant information.

Each student will be assigned a username, which gives them access to the entire Gamelearn Catalog.

As such, the company will have access to the following information:

  • Time spent on the platform.
  • Points earned and the employee’s place on the company leaderboard**.
  • Completion percentage, for example, if the student is 70%, 80%, 100%, etc. done with the course.
  • Whether or not the student recommends the course, if they consider it applicable to their work, the grade they give the game after completing it, any comments left, etc. This information will also be shared with Gamelearn with legitimate interest and to ensure continuous improvement of the platform and games.

* If the player wishes it, they can enter the privacy settings and create a nickname for themselves on the platform.

** The main purpose of the ranking system (leaderboard) is to promote healthy competition among the participants and encourage them to complete the courses. This ranking will not be used for the purpose of internal movements or employee promotions unless expressly and transparently stated otherwise by the company.

Under what authority is the data being processed?

The legal basis for the processing of data by the company is the execution of the existing contract as well as the consent that it voluntarily gives to access courses.

The legal basis for the processing of your personal data by Gamelearn as DP is the observance of the agreement signed in accordance with the provisions of art. 28.2 of the GDPR.

The data that we request is appropriate, relevant, and strictly necessary and in no circumstance are you obliged to provide it to us. However, not doing so may affect the service or the ability to provide it.

What are your rights when providing us with your data?

The data protection rights that the interested parties may exercise, when appropriate, are the right:

  • To request access to personal data that’s related to the interested party.
  • To alter or delete data.
  • Of opposition.
  • To request to limit the data processed.
  • To data portability.
  • To not be subject to decisions based solely on automated data processing.

The holders of the personal data obtained may exercise their rights related to the protection of personal data by sending correspondence to the relevant department of their company, or a letter to the registered office of Gamelearn, S.L., or to the email address provided for this purpose:

Where can I file a claim if I see my data is being processed incorrectly?

If any interested party recognizes that their data is not being processed correctly by their company or by us as DP, or that the requests to exercise their rights have not been satisfactorily addressed, they can file a claim with the corresponding data protection authority, this being the AEPD in Spanish territory:

Security and updating your personal data

In order to ensure the protection and security of your personal data, we inform you that all the necessary technical and organizational measures have been taken to this end. This is to avoid alteration, loss, and/or unauthorized processing or access to data, as required by the relevant regulations. However, given the possibility of unforeseen or other such circumstances, it is impossible to be 100% protected at all time.

It is important that, in order for us to keep your personal data up to date, you inform us of any changes in it.


Gamelearn, S.L. informs you that your data will be processed with the utmost professionalism and confidentiality by all personnel involved at every step. We will not transfer or send your data to any third party, except in legally established cases or if the interested party has expressly authorized us to do so.

More information

If you want more information or any clarification about our privacy policy, you can contact your company’s admin or, failing that, Gamelearn, S.L. (