Campus & LMS

Training through simulators with Gamelearn

Gamelearn Campus

The training space for your team

Gamelearn Campus
When students log on to the Campus, they’re presented with a user-friendly interface that allows them to access all the video games necessary to complete their predetermined itinerary. You can decide which games will be made available to them by adjusting the user settings in the LMS.
Document Access
Once a course has been completed, diplomas, accompanying documents, and reference materials will be made available. Students are also given access to the course lessons for future review.
100% online
Our Campus can easily and conveniently be accessed from mobile devices, computers, or tablets. All students need is an internet connection.
A guaranteed good time with game-based learning
Adding gamification elements to a training program is a proven method for making it more rewarding. Students are given the opportunity to compete with each other in a friendly way and see their progress in real-time. At Gamelearn, we know that experiential learning is the best way to absorb information. Through advanced simulations, students truly “learn by doing.”

Gamelearn LMS

The tool for managers

Gamelearn LMS
Create classes, manage students, track student progress, and review all of your team’s relevant KPIs. Our LMS allows you to manage your courses, classes, and students in a stress-free way.
Subscription Management
Subscriptions are made up of seats, and each seat corresponds to a student who is given access to the entire Gamelearn Catalog. You can manage your seats and track student activity through the LMS.
Student & Class Management
Manage your classes and students from the LMS control panel. You can create as many classes as you like and group your students by classes. This will give them access to one or more courses. This configuration allows you to control the itineraries or training programs that you offer to your students. There is also the possibility of opening up the entire catalog to them.
Class tracking
Once you have launched classes and given access to your students, you’ll be able to follow your classes’ progress in real-time. You’ll be able to perform actions to encourage course engagement. The final course report will give you information about each student.