Gamelearn will visit Barcelona, NY, París & México DF in march

Gamelearn will visit Barcelona, NY, París & México DF in march

Gamelearn, leading company in Serious Games, is attending several international events this March. In some of them, we will be the only company working with serious games and game-based learning.

This month’s tour began in Barcelona, on the 18th and 19th, with the seminar ‘Leading with Talent’, included in HRCore Lab. And this very week, our sales representatives will travel to Paris to attend Elearning Expo, which will be held from the 24th to the 26th, along with other events for whose attendance we will cross the ocean. On the 24th and 25th, we will be at the unique iVentiv conference in New York and on Wednesday the 25th we will participate in iiR Mexico in Mexico City.

All these events are included in prestigious forums, which ‘gurus’ and experts in training attend, and where professionals from around the world gather to share the latest trends in training, leadership and talent management, as well as the most innovative training tools: game-based learning and Serious Games.

Gamelearn will receive visitors not only with brand presence in the networking of these conferences, but will also have an active participation through talks, some of which given by the company’s CEO, Ibrahim Jabary.

In Barcelona, we held the workshop ‘Brilliant Meeting: how to improve my company’s performance’. Brilliant Meeting is an application, as well as a course, which turns meetings into real tools to improve team productivity. Its development arises from a reality showing that the global cost of ineffective meetings in organizations exceeds 800,000 million.

In the rest of the forums, we will explain through lectures what ‘Game-based learning’ is and how to reinvent corporate and individual training through it. This talk reviews the history of games as learning tools. Albert Einstein already described games as the highest form of research. The session reveals the incredible results in effectiveness of game-based learning applied to skills training.

Future trends in the sector are also outlined, based on the experience of Gamelearn training more than 500 multinational companies through serious games. We will share with everyone our presence in these forums and everything we learn by participating in them. Follow us through Gamelearn social channels and the hashtags of the events: #GLhrcorelab3, #GLElearningParis, #GLiVentivNY, #GLiiRMexico.

Gamelearn at HR Core Lab Barcelona

Gamelearn at HR Core Lab last week

Gamelearn is the world leader in the development of video games for corporate training. With more than 10 years of experience, it has become the benchmark for game-based learning and the foremost trend within the L&D sector.

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