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Serious Game on Productivity and Time Management

Learn time management while having fun

In the first century, Lucius Annaeus Seneca left behind an admirable legacy for humanity. This Spanish-born philosopher from Cordoba discovered the secret to success, prosperity and happiness. His secret was safeguarded for 2,000 years by the Order of Wisdom, whose members continued prospering and improving, and they eventually created the most comprehensive time management system ever.

Triskelion is an online course based on a simulator that recreates real situations so that students can learn how to develop their own personal productivity and time management systems.

Triskelion is available in Spanish, English, French and German.

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Why Triskelion?

  • Develop your own system for improving time management and personal productivity.
  • Learn to plan, prioritize and achieve goals.
  • Discover tips and techniques for managing your day-to-day tasks and making the right decisions.
  • Make use of tools to avoid procrastination, improve efficiency and enhance your performance.
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Course General Description
  • Master lessons from virtual mentors.
  • Numerous supporting readings.
  • 21 simulated days with advice and key techniques.
Course Section I: Plan
  • Learn to define goals, develop plans and discover strategies to achieve them.
  • Learn and practice prioritizing so you regain control of your life, find your life-balance and improve results.
  • Learn how to manage the “T-DL©”, a tool that will help you make decisions without losing sight of your priorities, improving your concentration and your efficiency.
Course Section II: Manage
  • Discover the Triskelion® process for making decisions that reduce your workload, manage your in-box and execute tasks faster.
  • Find ways to keep life and work neat and organized.
  • Achieve total control over your commitments and pending tasks.
  • Design your own personal productivity system and boost your efficiency while reducing your stress levels.
Course Section III: Do It Now!
  • Increase execution accuracy and speed.
  • Improve concentration. Reduce distractions.
  • Boost performance thanks to the Looped Focused Workflow(LFW©).
Course Section IV: Focus
  • Learn how focusing fosters productivity.
  • Discover efficient prioritization.
  • Free up time by saying “no”, to others and to yourself.
  • Simplify your life.
  • Simplify your work.
Screenshot Serious Game
Screenshot Serious Game
Screenshot Serious Game

What do our customers say?

“We have experienced a cost reduction in training of a 58%.”

Tanit Ruiz
Learning & Development director

“From the point of view of effectiveness and efficiency, the training experience is extraordinary.”

Scherezade Miletich
Director of Development área

“Through game-based learning, we have achieved excellent results, which is what we have always sought to do in two complex areas such as productivity and ‘engagement’ of the employee.”

Juan Tinoco
HR Director de LG Spain

“We can provide something both fun and modern to adventure a litle further into the digital era, instead of just offering a classroom training.”

Sabrina Robin
CAP Coordinator
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Other courses included in the platform

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Game-based learning in time management

A good time manager decides what he wants to do or what not , without being affected by other circumstances. Unfortunately, time management skills must be practised in order to be learnt. A theoretical course cannot provide students all the tools they need to develop their personal productivity skills.

For that reason, we have created Triskelion a game-based learning course in time management that allows students to practice their skills in a virtual environment. Game-based learning is particularly beneficial in soft skills training. Soft skills like time management need to be practised to be learned.

Serious games in time management

Soft skills development is almost impossible just by reading and listening: Time management skills have to be practised to be properly learnt.

Serious games make possible learning by doing. Serious games create a virtual environment where students can practice.

Time management training is especially difficult in offline environments, serious games allow students to practice in virtual worlds making possible the skills training.

Learning ttime management skills through video games is the best way to learn to manage your agenda, meetings and tasks without any risk.

The methodology used by Gamelearn in Triskelion the serious game in time management skills is called g-learning. G-learning is the combination of a serious game, gamification elements and theoretical contents, Gamification, game-based learning, simulation and online theoretical contents.

Time management simulator

Soft skills have to be learned by doing, not only by reading lots of books about this topic. Before the existence of game-based training products for soft skills learning, time management skills were traditionally acquired through in-class room training. Through role plays instructors used to provide feedback to students about their application of the theory.

Triskelion breaks the barrier of traditional learning method including a complete and complex time management simulator that enables students to practice their skills in a zero risk environment.

In the skin of a character they develop their time management skills while practicing and receiving feedback.

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