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Serious Game on Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

Complete course. Techniques, tips and applicable tools

Negotiation Simulator. Practice and personalized feedback

Game. Adventure, suspense and competition


  • 92% completion ratio. High involvement and satisfaction ratios
  • Experiential learning. Practice using simulators and personalized feedback
  • Useful training. 97% of students apply what they learned to their jobs
  • Fast and easy integration on your LMS
  • Online access. No need to install specific software
  • Control and monitoring tools. Statistics, rankings and students assessment
  • Available in several languages


Course General Description
  • Master lessons from the virtual mentor
  • Numerous supporting readings
  • 6 negotiation cases with advice and key techniques
Course Section I: Understanding

Case: Resolve a client conflict

  • The fundamentals of a negotiation
  • Keys to building trust
  • How to avoid common mistakes
Course Section II: Information and Interests

Case: Negotiate a sensitive political agreement

  • Strategies to obtain information
  • Determining objectives and clarifying interests
Course Section III: Flexibility

Case: Secure a business loan

  • Focusing on interests vs positions
  • Introducing “magic” variables to increase the size of the pie
Course Section IV: Criteria and Procedures

Case: Negotiate a joint venture

  • How to use anchor points that satisfy your interests
  • Managing variables during the bargaining phase
  • 6 essential rules to concessions
  • Employing objective criteria and procedures
Course Section V: Communication

Case: Negotiation between sovereign nations

  • Checklist to prepare for your negotiation
  • Keys to communicating and presenting your proposal
Course Section VI: Review

Case: Hire a highly regarded manager

  • Extensive review and application of all you have learned

Oriented to

Anyone who needs to negotiate and resolve conflicts in their daily lives.

  • Sales force.
  • Purchasing Departments.
  • Team and/or Project Managers.
  • Financial departments and Administration.
  • MKT Departmentes.
  • Logistics Departments.
  • Lawyers.
  • Business and partnership development.

Merchants has trained professionals of all profiles on more than 1,000 companies from all sectors across five continents, many of them belonging to Fortune 500.

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Game-based learning in negotiation

The practical approach of game-based learning courses makes negotiation skills training particularly effective.

Merchants includes a complete negotiation simulator that enables students to practice the skills they learn.

In this way they are able to practice their negotiation skills in a virtual environment to gain confidence when facing real situations.

Serious Games to learn negotiation

Traditionally negotiation skills are taught by consultants who after presenting the theory, usually evaluate students when applying the techniques and strategies in role plays or simulated situations. However, lack of time and high costs, classroom training is becoming less common in businesses.

E-learning is a training format not a methodology. The use of e-learning makes corporate training easier specially in multinational companies.

Serious games when online are in essence e-learning. Serious games make possible soft skills learning and development.

Serious games training in negotiation are more effective, more comfortable for users and easier to implement for companies. In result, the learning impact of serious games is higher because of the methodology and the cost of the training is lower thanks to the online format.

Negotiation simulator

The simulator is the core of Gamelearn’s serious games. It enables the interaction between the students and the video game. Merchant’s negotiation simulator gives constant feedback and evaluation to the students so they can train their negotiation skills until feeling confident.

Through the use of online video games, a complex negotiation simulator allows the player to engage in the learned skills and get instantaneous and personalized feedback, in much the same way that a class instructor would. The advantage, however, is that the negotiation simulator interacts only with one player and therefore the feedback is provided more directly and often to him.

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