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Serious game sobre liderazgo y gestión de equipos

Turn communication at your company into something fun

The year is 2127. A post-apocalyptic world. Civilization as we know it has disappeared. The dark shadow of extinction hangs over humanity. And you are our only hope for saving the last survivors of a species on the brink of extinction.

This is the scenario the student encounters in this adventure packed with challenges, tests and obstacles, knowing your company becomes vital for achieving the great objective: saving humanity.

As a tool embodied as a video game designed for use by human resources, training and development, communications and recruitment departments, ADA is proficient in converting any communication, training, employee onboarding process… into an exciting and fun experience capable of involving all employees.

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Why ADA?

Useful content. Leadership, negotiation, time management, personal productivity and customer service. Skills with a direct impact.
Gamification techniques such as storytelling, badges and levels to generate ‘engagement’. Rankings and challenges to increase motivation in the participant.
Sophisticated simulators representing real situations. Safe environment for the employee to practice and receive feedback for improvement.

Whom is ADA intended for?

ADA was created for anyone who has just been hired by an organization and is involved in an onboarding process.

ADA becomes an ideal tool to improve internal communication regarding general company policies, corporate culture (mission, vision and values), sales processes, compliance policy, etc.

An instrument at the service of:

  • Human Resources Departments
  • Commercial/Sales Departments
  • Marketing and Communication
  • Administration
  • Finances
  • Production
  • Management

Efficiency and results go hand in hand

What do our customers say?

Case Study Gamificación

“Unlike previous training programs, with Gamelearn’s solutions we have never had to promote online training to employees.”

Yolanda Otero
Head of Leadership Training and Knowledge Management

“Training nowadays, in the digital age, requires innovation. Not just innovation for its own sake, but with a goal in mind. And games work. Working with Gamelearn for the past six years has brought us many things, and we want this to continue.”

Carlos Rubio
Training and Development Manager at Phone House Spain

“This initiative has engaged our employees and it has really proven to be attractive to them; that is why it has been a success.”

Luis Sagí-Vela
Training & Development Manager at Man & Truck Bus Iberia

“Gamelearn has the value of other e-learning platforms, but with added elements of competition among players, engagement and personalized feedback. Overall, it is an enhanced version of these e-learning platforms.”

Carlos Molinero
Director of Human Resources, Vestas

Gamelearn: the most awarded game-based learning platform in the world

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