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Serious Game for internal communication, training and onboarding

Complete course. Techniques, tips and applicable tools

Negotiation Simulator. Practice and personalized feedback

Game. Adventure, suspense and competition


  • Begin the digital transformation as soon as a new employee joins the company.
  • Save everyone time during the induction process.
  • Turn your onboarding process into a real adventure: make it fun and motivating.
  • Convey “innovation”, “technology” and “fun” from the moment you meet the new team members.
  • Customise the content as you wish: include information about the company’s mission, vision, way of working, organisational chart, internal policies, etc. Easily, quickly and at no additional cost.


Year 2127. A post-apocalyptic world. Civilisation as we know it has disappeared. The dark shadow of extinction hangs over humanity. And you are our only hope for saving the last survivors of a species on the brink of extinction. This is the scenario the student encounters in this adventure packed with challenges, tests and obstacles, in which knowing your company becomes vital for achieving the great objective: saving humanity.

Whom is ADA intended for?

ADA was created for anyone who has just been hired by an organization and is involved in an onboarding process.

ADA becomes an ideal tool to improve internal communication regarding general company policies, corporate culture (mission, vision and values), sales processes, compliance policy, etc.


An instrument at the service of:

  • Human Resources Departments
  • Commercial/Sales Departments
  • Marketing and Communication
  • Administration
  • Finances
  • Production
  • Management