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Serious Game for internal communication, training and onboarding

Turn communication at your company into something fun

The year is 2127. A post-apocalyptic world. Civilization as we know it has disappeared. The dark shadow of extinction hangs over humanity. And you are our only hope for saving the last survivors of a species on the brink of extinction.

This is the scenario the student encounters in this adventure packed with challenges, tests and obstacles, knowing your company becomes vital for achieving the great objective: saving humanity.

As a tool embodied as a video game designed for use by human resources, training and development, communications and recruitment departments, ADA is proficient in converting any communication, training, employee onboarding process… into an exciting and fun experience capable of involving all employees.

ADA is available in Spanish, English, French, German, Russian, Chinese and Portuguese.

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Why ADA?

ADA is a gamification tool at the service of your training
and internal communications.

With ADA, you will be able to:

  • Multiply engagement in your training processes and internal communications.
  • Convey information uniformly and instantaneously to geographically diverse staff.
  • Save in terms of time and costs.
  • Shore up your company’s digital transformation.
  • Communicate “innovation”, “technology” and “fun” from your department.
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Whom is ADA intended for?

ADA was created for anyone who has just been hired by an organization and is involved in an onboarding process.

ADA becomes an ideal tool to improve internal communication regarding general company policies, corporate culture (mission, vision and values), sales processes, compliance policy, etc.

An instrument at the service of:

  • Human Resources: employee onboarding; internal policy communications; knowledge transfer; dissemination of vision, mission and values statements; talent attraction …
  • Training and Development: support any training action.
  • Internal communication: all sorts of internal communication campaigns.
  • Commercial/Sales: communication of offers, launch of new products, training in products, explanation of processes, enhanced understanding of policies and rules, support for the best use of technology tools (CRM, management software, data management, etc.)
  • Marketing and Communication: communication of information to customers, journalists, opinion leaders, engagement of users and customers, support for promotions and communication campaigns, alternative advertising mechanisms, etc.
  • Other departments: information, training and communication of any process, policy, development, product, use of tools, etc.

Serious Game screenshot

Serious Game screenshot

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