Statistiques (anonymes) Home Ford Mexico uses game-based learning to cultivate its corporate culture among collaborators

Ford Mexico uses game-based learning to cultivate its corporate culture among collaborators

“It was an effective way to reach different profiles. We covered the training needs of different groups of job positions.”

Brenda Sánchez, Training Coordinator.

CompanyFord Mexico
TrainingDeveloping soft skills and fueling corporate culture
Skills DevelopedContinuous learning, self-confidence, coaching, communicating effectively, work-life balance, steady focus, change management, conflict management, innovation and creativity, leadership, negotiation, analytical thinking, planning, organizing and coordinating, problem solving, tolerance to pressure, decision-making, teamwork.
ProgramPeriod 2017-2018
Serious GamesMerchants, serious game for negotiation and conflict resolution
Triskelion, serious game for time management and personal productivity
Pacific, serious game for leadership and team management
2100, the serious game on customer service


Ford Mexico has opted for a different and innovative communication and training methodology to convey its values and experience to its distributors’ employees.

The main challenge that faced was covering its training and communication needs for a broad range of job groups who were geographically dispersed. Game-based learning has been the ideal tool for that.


  • Innovate in training collaborators of different profiles.
  • Reach workers from different areas and responsibilities with training that suits their needs.


  • Learning in a simulated and safe environment: Gamelearn serious games afforded a new, innovative and attractive way of learning that broke the mold of more traditional methods. The real cases emulated in the game simulators let training recipients practice in a safe environment.
  • Interesting and synergetic training: The quality of the content and gamification elements, which motivated and surprised the players, increased their engagement and enhanced their learning experience.
  • Accessibility: In light of the project’s ambitious scope (several thousandcollaborators), Gamelearn’s accessible and flexible platform became anessential factor for Ford Mexico. Participants could train whenever and wherever they wanted.