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About Gamelearn

What is Gamelearn?

With over 1,500 corporate clients in more than 50 countries, Gamelearn is the top video-game developer for executive skills training. The thoroughly studied theoretical contents of Gamelearn serious games applied to an innovative format enable learning through practice.

Why use video games for corporate training?

Numerous studies have demonstrated that video games rank high among the best learning formats. Thanks to simulators and gamification techniques, video games are capable of involving students, stimulating more areas of the brain, improving self-confidence, increasing learned knowledge, guaranteeing direct training and, ultimately, affording a more effective and longer-lasting learning. And all this while you’re having fun!

What companies have already used Gamelearn's serious games?

Companies of all shapes and sizes from every sector have successfully employed our serious games for corporate training. Overall, more than 1,500 companies in over 50 countries have placed their trust in our games.

Our clients include some of the most renowned companies such as Merck-MSD, Man Truck, LG, CaixaBank, Fujitsu, AXA, Bombardier, Sanitas, Phone House, Vestas, BBVA Bancomer, Saint-Gobain Distribution Bâtiment France, Ford, Hyundai, Bayer, KPMG, Zardoya OTIS and Michelin.

Visit our client page for more information. https://www.game-learn.com/clients/

What results have our courses achieved?

We are proud to be able to say that our clients and their employees have all praised our serious games.

We’ve achieved the following results after working with over 1,500 companies in more than 50 countries. As you can see, our results are much better than any other e-learning format:

Completion rate: 94%
Recommendation rate: 93%
Applicability rate: 97%

The quality of our serious games and their impact on hundreds of companies have also earned us the distinction of over 20 international awards in recent years, including the Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards, Top 20 Training Companies, Serious Play Awards, LearnX Impact Awards and Stevie Awards.

Where is Gamelearn?

Gamelearn provides serious games to the entire world in up to 11 languages.

The company’s headquarters are in Madrid, Spain. We also have offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, Mexico and Peru.

Our network of over 30 distributors helps us bring our video games to five continents.

Technical aspects

How are the video games accessed?

Access is quite simple: you only need an internet connection, username and password.

Students receive an email with their login data, after which they are simply one click away from the Gamelearn platform. You can access the game from a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Can it be integrated in my Learning Management System (LMS)?

The Gamelearn platform uses international IT standards that allow for integration with most LMSs currently on the market.

LMSs such as Cornerstone, Moodle or SAP Success Factors use the same protocols and can be easily integrated with Gamelearn video games.

The platform also permits a single sign-on from your LMS account to do away with the need to have separate usernames and passwords to play Gamelearn games.

Are there any additional costs for integration in my LMS?

While there may be an additional cost depending on the technical complexity, in principle LMS integration entails no extra cost. Please contact us or your Account Manager to get more details and characteristics about integration with your LMS.

Will the games technically work at my company?

Yes. Our games use the latest technologies in HTML5 and JavaScript to adapt to every device (computers, tablets and smartphones) and internet networks.

Before kicking off any training, we can help you run a technical test to verify that everything is running properly.

Is using your serious games secure?

Absolutely! Gamelearn servers are hosted at Tier IV or III+ facilities that are not only SSAE-16, PCI DSS and ISO 27001 compliant but also safeguarded by the most stringent security measures. We scan for security threats and conduct penetration testing on the different applications in our family of serious games.

Visit the following webpage for more details:

How do you protect client and student data?

Our networks, servers and applications have the most comprehensive security standards to guarantee that the data of our clients and students are protected. We are fully compliant with the European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Visit the following webpage for more details:

Where are Gamelearn servers located? (only for Europe)

Our servers are located in Europe (in Ireland and Germany) to guarantee the security and data protection of our clients. The European Union has the world’s strictest data protection and security laws and legislation.

Our serious games

Who can play Gamelearn video games?

Anyone can learn by playing with Gamelearn games. There’s absolutely no need for any background knowledge or experience in playing video games. Gamelearn courses are even intuitive for people who have never played video games. Simulation is also a way of adapting the difficulty to each user.

Gamelearn games are implemented through training programs in companies and organizations. Contact your human resources department if you want your company to provide its employees with our courses.

Can Gamelearn courses be subsidized? (only for Spain)

Yes. In Spain, our courses can be fully subsidized by the Spanish State Foundation for Employment Training (FUNDAE, erstwhile Tripartite Foundation). Hundreds of companies have already benefitted from these subsidies by playing Gamelearn games.

Can I try your games?

Yes. We are certain that once you try our games, you’ll want everyone to play them.

Request a demo here and we’ll contact you to explain how to access it:

Where do you get the content for your serious games?

At Gamelearn, we’ve invested all the time necessary to guarantee the maximum quality for our contents.

In this regard, for instance, we used over 200 interviews conducted with executives, CEOs and managers worldwide over a 12-year span to develop Pacific, and the Harvard Negotiation Method and effective negotiating model developed by Dr. Chester L. Karass served as the basis for the serious game Merchants.

These maximum quality contents were rendered into video-game format to guarantee student immersion and practical application through simulators.

What languages are available for your games?

Our serious games are available in over 10 languages.

Contact us to learn more and confirm the availability of your language. https://www.game-learn.com/get-a-free-demo-serious-games

Can the games be customized?

We have complete serious games at Gamelearn with well-defined and structured contents, and video games that clients can customize based on their needs and objectives.

Gamelearn video games can be customized easily and simply. You can include your own customized contents, company-specific branding, images or videos.

Can Gamelearn games be played as a team?

Our serious games are played individually. Each employee gets an individual score and can progress through the game at his or her own pace. This model allows for personalized feedback to the responses and strategies used by each student. This is also a way to guarantee that all employees receiving the training get the knowledge necessary to complete the course.

However, we recommend always launching training programs with serious games in classes or groups in the company. This lets coworkers compete against and interact with each other. Students can check their general rankings, see how their coworkers are faring in all our games, and even receive prizes, gifts and communications.

This means that while students play individually, Gamelearn games are usually social experiences shared inside the company.

Can classes be created for different departments or different countries at the same time?

Yes. The Gamelearn platform provides you with maximum flexibility so you can organize your classes however you want. You can not only create groups within a single department in one city or even an entire country, but also have teams from different regions or departments compete against each other. Everything is possible. You decide what’s best for your employees.

What professional profiles do your serious games target?

Our video games were designed for any company looking to help their employees become better persons and better professionals.

Many of our serious games have been used by teams from sales, purchasing, finance, administration, marketing, communications, logistics, attorneys, business development agents, reception personnel, telephone operators, after-sales service staff, customer support profiles, receptionists and hotel staff.

Gamelearn video games are a particular hit among corporate officers, executives, managers, entrepreneurs, business owners, team managers, middle managers and area heads.

Some of our video games train transversal skills such as productivity, time management, effective communication, change management, leadership, results-oriented approaches, analytical thinking, planning and problem solving, skills that make our games useful training tools for virtually any professional.

What topics and skills do your games tackle?

Our serious games are structured around essential skills such as leadership, team management, productivity, time management, conflict resolution and customer support.

Our video games work on a total of 26 skills:

  • Continuous learning
  • Self-confidence
  • Self-control
  • Self-awareness
  • Information sourcing
  • Coaching
  • Effective communication
  • Balance
  • Focus
  • Flexibility
  • Change management
  • Conflict management
  • Impact and influence
  • Initiative
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Integrity
  • Leadership
  • Negotiation
  • Results-orientation
  • Analytical thinking
  • Planning
  • Problem solving
  • Stress tolerance
  • Decision-making
  • Teamwork
  • Customer service

How much time does it take to finish a serious game?

Given that our courses are based on learning by doing, the duration of our games depends on the student’s proficiency and abilities.

On average, our students spend between 4 and 15 hours on each video game.

Can I still access the content after finishing the course?

You can download all the readings and lessons during the video game to save and thus access them whenever you need to.

Does replaying your serious games make sense?

Yes. Our games are sufficiently complex to be replayed after a certain period of time has elapsed. We recommend replaying to refresh knowledge and review lessons and habits every 9 or 10 months. In doing so, the contents will remain fresh as students reinforce the previous learning experience.

Is there some sort of certificate or diploma for completing the games?

Yes. When you finish the course, you will receive a diploma stating that you successfully passed the training.

Can your serious games adapt to company committees? (for the German market, works council or 'Betriebsrat')

Yes. Gamelearn serious games can adapt to the requirements of company committees. In such cases, students can use pseudonyms instead of their real names and we protect the data of your employees at all times while providing your employees with a secure environment where they can train on their own. Employees can also organize their training time during work hours and will even have a help portal to address any concerns or problems they may have.

Gamelearn support and services

How can I purchase your serious games?

We have a credit-based payment system set up as an easy and flexible way to use our serious games. Your company buys the credits it needs and then uses them for any games available on the Gamelearn platform.

The amount of credits needed for each one of our serious games is as follows:

Merchants – 10 credits
Triskelion – 10 credits
Pacific -10- credits
ADA GDPR -7- credits
2100 -5- credits
ADA -5- credits

For example, if your company purchases 1,000 credits, you can use half to get 50 licenses for the serious game Merchants (at 10 credits per user = 500 credits) and the other half to get 100 licenses for the serious game ADA (at 5 credits per user = 500 credits). In total, 150 employees will do the training.

What is the Customer Success service?

Customer Success is the Gamelearn department in charge of ensuring that your training programs are successful.

The goal of Customer Success (and everyone at Gamelearn) is to ensure that you implement your courses as simply and effectively as possible, and that your employees learn and develop personally and professionally.

What happens after I make a purchase?

At Gamelearn, we do everything possible to ensure that your training is successful. That’s why when you buy any of our video games, you will always get the following services and tools:

– technical support or integration in your LMS
– encouraging emails for your students
– all our available languages
– Gamelearn platform
– help portal (for clients and students alike)
– access to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
– automatic email notifications to encourage employees to finish the training
– final reports with the training results
– final diploma for your students
– possibility of downloading materials for future reference and review
– direct and personalized support (for clients and students alike) via the help portal

Moreover, depending on the specific purchasing terms and conditions, you can also get personalized and direct service from one of our Customer Success Managers (CSM). Our experts from the Customer Success team, who have extensive experience in video games for corporate training, will listen to your priorities, help you design an implementation strategy for your company, define the project and get the most out of our serious games. Check the terms and conditions with us.

What is the Gamelearn platform?

The Gamelearn platform is a Learning Management System (LMS) specialized in game-based learning. The platform lets students access a large catalog of video-game courses to learn and develop their skills.

This user-friendly, secure and practical platform simplifies course management and launches, student monitoring and even data analysis.

As a client, you could use the Gamelearn platform to:
– Register groups and students
– Monitor the progress of participants
– Check employee feedback
– Download reports
– Check the figures on their training actions
– Check the consumption of credits and remaining balance
– Customize the games
– And much more.

As a student, you could use the Gamelearn platform to:
– Register at the platform
– Access the games

Click here to access the general platform: https://lms.gamelearn.io/

Click here to access the student platform:: https://students-platform.gamelearn.io/login

What is the Gamelearn help portal?

At Gamelearn, we work to ensure that your experience with our video games is simple and fluid. To do so, we’ve created an intuitive, practical and comprehensive help portal for assist clients and students alike in their training programs. https://gamelearn.zendesk.com/hc/en-us

With this help portal, human resources managers can easily find the information they need to manage their groups and training initiatives. They can also find instructions to get the most out of the multiple options available from the platform.

Students can also use the help portal to check frequently asked questions, resolve any incidents affecting their games or contact the Gamelearn help team.