The 6 Worst Enemies of a good leadership

Leaders are a key element in organizations because of their ability to keep a team united and motivated. The key to success is to detect the worst enemies of leadership that will lead them to mediocrity.

These are the six dangers that can threaten your leadership:


The leader must show conviction when making decisions. It is not about acting like you know everything, but it is essential to get away from doubts and to not hesitate in front of the members of your team. Hesitating when giving an order or making a decision will discourage your team because it destroys the image of firmness and certainty that the leader should radiate.


One of the most serious threats to the integrity of a leader is indecision. Frequently changing one’s mind regarding the main objectives of the organization, constantly modifying the goals of teams and making a habit out of changes of course, will not only harm the organization, but also your leadership.

Cancellations and interruptions

If you want to keep your team from feeling frustrated or confused about what their roles within your organization are, it is important for you to avoid cancelling the tasks that you trust them with. Cancelling projects without a good reason or changing those in charge without notice will destroy the motivation of the whole group.

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The key quality that people seek in their leaders is trust. However, ruining that image is relatively easy: create any doubts or don’t recognize the achievements of the team, and that trust will crumble down.


Leaders can be their own worst enemy. Don’t let a selfish attitude throw a good job out the window. Don’t block the success of your own people, take the opportunity to congratulate them and show interest in their work. Similarly, lend a hand whenever your team needs you.

Lack of belonging

The responsibilities of a good leader include getting the employees of a company to feel they belong to the same team. The best organizations are those whose members row in the same direction, with the same motivation and the same goal. If you don’t promote that feeling of belonging, you will be destroying your leadership.

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What other enemies do you feel can threaten your leadership? Share with us and leave a comment.

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