Why Gamelearn is much more than an online training platform

Gamelearn is a platform where you can take online courses. But it’s also much more than that.

At the heart of the world’s most award-winning game-based learning company are at least three ingredients that make its training offer an “attractive, fun and useful experience” (in the words of one of our customers).

1 – Practical and quality content

Students and workers are weary of the theories and philosophies that pervade most e-learning courses. And this is why Gamelearn has opted for carefully crafted, well thought-out courses, where priority is given to quality and useful lessons that employees can apply to their day-to-day work. Our online courses are full of techniques, recommendations and tips on very specific and practical subjects. As a result, up to 97% of students who have completed our courses believe that what they learned can be applied to real life.

2 – Engagement through gamification

All of Gamelearn’s serious games (Merchants, Triskelion, Pacific and 2100) have a gamification layer to increase employee motivation and engagement. The use of game mechanisms (a story, rewards, badges, competing with other players, etc.) means that students have fun, become engrossed in the video game and complete the course. While the completion rate for traditional e-learning courses is between 25% and 30%, that of Gamelearn is around 94%. It’s very simple: when we have fun, we learn more and better.

3 – Game-based learning, simulation and experiential learning

Gamelearn’s third (and most important) pillar is the use of simulators and game-based learning. The key lies in the use of simulators to get students to practice the skills they learn and receive feedback on what they are doing. Just as you can learn to pilot a plane or drive a car using simulators, these can also be used to recreate human interactions and practice skills such as negotiation, time management, leadership and customer care. There’s no better way to learn than through practice, practice and more practice.

These three ingredients, the result of more than ten years’ experience in workplace training, are the key to the success of Gamelearn’s products, and the reason why the company’s offering is much more than just a platform for online courses.

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