Using Crypto to bolster your company's IT security

Digital security is one of the biggest challenges that 21st century companies have had to overcome and adapt to. With office environments becoming increasingly digitized, IT protection measures must be targeted and constantly reinforced.

At Gamelearn, we’ve taken notice of many companies wanting to shore up their cybersecurity. To help with this, we have developed a new course: Crypto, a dynamic serious game on cybersecurity, that takes place in the offices of a London-based biotech research company.

How does Crypto work?

Crypto is a fun graphic adventure game that mixes point & click exploration, compelling narrative, and tricky puzzles.

The game-based learning methodology addresses common mistakes and bad practices in cybersecurity, while blending in gamification techniques that promote consistent student engagement.

The Crypto simulator allows you to recreate real-life situations for students to test out and apply learned information, as well as get individualized feedback for reflection and improvement.

If you want to know more about how Crypto works, check out the video below and see the benefits of making computer security hands-on with Gamelearn.

What skills does Crypto sharpen?

Crypto represents a step forward in a company’s digital transformation by highlighting common cybersecurity mistakes and how to avoid them.

The training process is made up of five levels, each with two main teaching blocks dealing with skills such as:

  • Smart management of passwords and emails.
  • Reaction to and prevention of computer risks in the workplace.
  • Identifying viruses and malware.
  • Social engineering.

The content is comprehensive and delivers on the current security needs of IT users.

What are the benefits of using Crypto?

Whether you have had security breaches in the past, or you’re just hearing about this issue for the first time, if your company actively uses digital devices in the workplace, you will find Crypto beneficial for developing the IT savvy of your teams.

By completing Crypto, employees not only acquire the tools needed to tackle the challenges of the current digital age, but they do so through dynamic game-based learning methodologies that make the process more effective and applicable than traditional training approaches. Crypto stands out for being:

  • Applicable and practical.
  • Aesthetically striking and innovative.
  • Addictive and unique.
  • Educational and experimental.
  • Flexible, fast, and easy to implement.
  • FUN.

Why Crypto?

Crypto is designed and adapted for any and all computer users with a low-to-medium level of knowledge about cybersecurity.

This means anyone who handles personal or company data on internal or external networks, either from mobile or desktop devices, will be getting the knowledge they need to protect themselves, and the company, from potential cyberattacks.

In short, Crypto is a vital tool that allows company’s to shore up their IT security by training employees in an engaging and memorable way.

Want to embark on your cyber adventure with Crypto? Contact us. The results will surprise you!

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