Why aren’t we getting the corporate training we expect?

From the time of our birth, human beings are learning constantly. Throughout our lives, we encounter a variety of learning formats that can make the process easier or more difficult. The key is to combine the tools we have at our disposal to improve knowledge retention without losing student motivation.

Before the 1990s, business training was associated with various combinations of texts and face-to-face examinations. However, the appearance of e-learning has offered a new option to encourage remote learning online. But is this the solution that HR experts and employees are looking for to boost their business results?

In search of the solution

With the advent of this promising format, many companies began to show interest in online training. But the results remained the same: training was still boring for most professionals because it continued to be limited to large amounts of text, images, and in some cases videos.

Conversely, training that’s effective stands out for:

  • Quality content, applicable to our daily lives.
  • Variety of innovative formats.
  • Simulations of real-life situations.
  • Gamification elements.

For all this, even though traditional e-learning seemed to be the solution, it remained ineffective. Ultimately, neither employees nor managers were getting the training results they wanted. 

In the search for more effective formats, we find the answers of more than 1,000 HR and L&D professionals in the report ‘Contradictions of Corporate Training 2021’. 52% of them believe that simulations of real-life situations would improve their online courses’ efficiency and attractiveness to employees. Gamification also stands out for almost 40% of HR professionals when it comes to engaging students in their training.

When employees are asked what format they prefer for their training, the results are in-line with the most effective methodologies, as 45% want video games and 39% elements of gamification.

Contradictions of Corporate training 2021

If both managers and employees agree on the kind of training they want, why isn’t anyone getting the training they expect?

Game-based learning: the solution everyone needs

There are certain innovative formats such as: 

  • Virtual reality: a digital environment that simulates reality through the objects, people, and scenarios it generates.
  • Augmented reality: the use of technology and digital devices to enhance a user’s real-life surroundings in real-time by overlaying a digital reality onto the real world.

However, they often lead to problems related to increased training costs, implementation difficulties, and lack of necessary support during training. 

In this context, more and more disruptive companies are betting on game-based learning as the solution to their training needs. 

For example, Gamelearn’s game-based learning platform enables employees and businesses to:

  • Save in training costs for HR departments.
  • Get immediate feedback thanks to integrated simulators.
  • Learn while having fun, with practical and quality content.
  • Measure the results of the training and the impact it has on the company.
  • Access courses anytime, anywhere through a device with internet access.
  • Offer training itineraries in various languages.
  • Create serious games using your own training content.

Technology advances at the same time as the preferences and needs of the members of an organization. That’s why the teams responsible for developing talent must be very attentive. The most observant have already realized that methodologies such as game-based learning meet not only their training and business objectives but also their employees’ expectations. 

Now that you know what employees expect, will you choose the training that satisfies everyone’s needs?

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