What makes Gamelearn a leader in game-based learning?

Gamelearn is the first and most successful company to focus on online game-based learning as a corporate training solution. Its founders Ibrahim Jabary, Mai Apraiz, and Eduardo Monfort have been dedicated to transforming the training world since 2007, and the many awards and acknowledgments they’ve received are a testament to this fact. Most recently, the company took first place in the EdTech startup competition at Virtual South Summit.

Today, Gamelearn has more than 12 years of experience in the field and has helped train hundreds of thousands of students from over 2,500 companies on 5 continents. Check out some of our customer success stories in the video below.

The corporate training revolution

Traditional training courses offered by companies have a tendency to be overrun with lengthy texts and generally aren’t very conducive to quality learning. Faced with this reality, Gamelearn diagnosed the apparent weaknesses of these boring training methods and developed an innovative solution: its game-based learning platform. 

The Gamelearn platform takes all the levels and steps of the training process and puts them all in one centralized place. Administrators have access to the LMS, which allows them to create classes, manage students, and track results; while students log onto Campus, an intuitive interface that lets them access all their courses from one portal.

Gamelearn solutions stand out for being:

  • 100% online: all you need is an internet connection.
  • Cloud-based: there’s no need to install any programs or software.
  • Multilingual: all courses have the option to be played in at least four languages: English, Spanish, French, and German.
  • Adaptive: Courses can be accessed from any device: computer, phone, tablet, etc.

Hone in on the skills your teams need

Our mission is clear: to help companies around the world improve corporate training processes and get tangible results. For this reason, our course catalog focuses on skills that are most in-demand for professional development across the board. Some of our most recommended and highest rated games are:

  • Triskelion: a gripping adventure that guides students to create their own time management and personal productivity systems.
  • Pacific: a step-by-step, hands-on course on how to manage high-performance teams.
  • Merchants: Six real-life situations to help students sharpen their negotiation and conflict resolution skills.
  • ADA: the serious game that turns corporate communication (onboarding, etc.) into an engaging and fun employee experience.

The Gamelearn catalog is regularly updated with exciting new games. Among the latest batch of new releases, we have Crypto, which focuses on good cybersecurity practices; Echo, which develops coaching skills; and Aqua, which is based on giving effective feedback.

Training results transformed

Gamelearn combines three key elements in its serious games:

  1. Gamification: Playful elements such as medals, rewards, mini-games, etc., are key to providing a fun and fruitful training experience. The games increase employee engagement and, on average, have a completion rate of 94%.
  2. Quality content: the information and materials used during the courses provide practical and useful lessons for professionals. Because they address practical, day-to-day skills, the average applicability rate of Gamelearn games is 97%.
  3. Experiential Learning Simulators: Students can put what they’ve learned to the test with Gamelearn’s realistic simulators that recreate “real-life” situations. This way, students learn by doing and can practice in a controlled environment with instant feedback. 

These 3 unique traits, which focus on student engagement and retention of material, give Gamelearn games an average recommendation rate of 93% among students. Additionally, Tanit Ruiz, Dir. of Learning & Development at MSD, tells us: 

“Today, there are no other solutions on the market that offer the same value in content, format, innovation, or accessibility. A solution like this may sound expensive because of what you’re getting, but in reality, we actually saw a 58% reduction in overall training costs.”

Reimagining your training methods isn’t as complicated as you may think. Subscribe to the Gamelearn Platform today and start seeing tangible results. The training revolution is here. Are you ready to join?

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