What Is The Cybersecurity Framework For Businesses?

Cybersecurity is essential for all companies that manage a website or sell their products online. Most companies use cloud storage in the modern-day, and they have social media feeds that are also online. The NIST cybersecurity framework helps businesses protect themselves, and you can use the information listed below to create the best possible security structure for your company. Every company is different, but all companies need to answer the questions listed below while implementing their security plan.

IT Security Is Aided By The Government

The NIST is the National Institute of Standards and Measures. This agency works to promote proper standards and measurements among businesses. Plus, they work within the Department of Commerce to help set guidelines for cybersecurity. Therefore, the NIST cybersecurity framework is the standard model used by companies that want to protect their data.

Businesses that offer security software to clients use this framework, and the framework asks questions that need to be answered through technology.

What About the ISO 27000?

The ISO 27000 series creates a set of parameters that can be used when building a security framework. The framework should:

  • Define what the security policy is
  • Determine what the scope of the policy iso a complete risk assessment
  • Manage any known risks
  • Create your objectives
  • Determine how to reach those objectives

Cybersecurity Training For Your IT Staff

When your company is working through the list of options above, you can send your staff to training for each aspect of your framework. You need to hire security experts to work with you, or your IT staff must be certified in online security. When your staff has been trained to handle cybersecurity, they will create your policy, handle your risk assessment, and let you know what your objectives are.

Which Framework Is Best?

If you want to protect yourself from all threats, you should choose the NIST framework. The NIST has made its framework as simple as possible, and you can hire a cybersecurity analyst to apply that framework to your company. You are assessing the risks that your company faces today, and you will use this framework every year to ensure your company is safe.

You are not supposed to stray from your framework. The framework is the template that you use for making good choices. If you have new security issues, you need to complete a new risk assessment. If you have reached your original goals, you need to create new goals.

If the NIST adjusts their framework, you can bring your IT staff together to discuss how to make the appropriate changes. However, there are times when you may need to choose a specific framework that you think is best.

Are There Other Frameworks?

You may choose from a number of frameworks including:

If your company is a traditional business that sells items online and publishes information for customers, you can use the NIST Framework with no trouble. You may choose the ISO 27000 if you do business internationally. However, other frameworks that are meant to be used with specific types of businesses. If your company works in a niche industry, you may choose a framework that suits you perfectly.


The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is used when your company sells products online every day. If you are running a large online catalog, these standards will help you protect certain types of data that your company collects. The PCI DSS helps you:

  • Manage a secure network
  • Protect card data
  • Check your vulnerability often
  • Use access control measures to prevent hacking attacks
  • Test your networks for security
  • Create a security policy using these tips

The NIST Special Publication 800-53

If your company works with government data or has a government contract, you are required to use this IT security framework. The security is a bit tighter, and you need to make more frequent updates. This is why cyber security training for your staff is so important if they are not familiar with every framework, they cannot adapt when you get a government contract.

The AICPA Trust Services and Principles Framework

This framework is used for non-business data. You can protect your intellectual property, internal memos, and other data that your company generates every day. This framework is useful if you do not have an online catalog, or you could use this framework to protect the projects that have not yet been funded. You may even use this framework when you are creating ideas for projects that you might bid on. You do not want someone to steal your idea and win the contract.


COBIT is used when you have certain regulations that you must follow because of the nature of your business. The government has specific rules for companies that work in specific industries, and you must use COBIT so that you can adhere to the rules for things like ITIL, ISO 2700X, and COSO. You are often told to use COBIT if you are required to follow these rules.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a security framework for your company, you need to look through each option above before coming to a final decision. A company that chooses a framework that is specific to their company must send their IT staff to training. You can hire a consultant who will tell you what your company needs to do, or you may need to abide by government rules that govern how you manage your online security. You are storing customer data online, saving data for future projects, and managing online platforms that could be hacked at any time. The security framework is the only way for you to stay safe in a volatile online world.

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