What is game learning or g-learning?

Training can be given in two main ways: in-classroom or online. In the in-classroom training, theoretical contents are taught by the instructor. The interaction between the instructor and the students makes the learning process easier to control and ensure efficient learning.

However, e-learning has substituted in-classroom training in many cases due to its easier implementation and lower cost, E-learning makes training easier on a worldwide basis, which is a huge advantage for multinational companies. Despite being a good solution for distance training, e-learning is usually less educational and therefore less effective. Usually the theory is presented with slides or videos in e-learning courses which makes the learning boring and less motivating.

Soft skills have to be practiced in order to be learnt. Also while putting them into practice it is important to be evaluated and correct mistakes and learn from them. Gamelearn has combined the advantages of e-learning and class room training in its game-based products, creating a new learning methodology called game-learning or g-learning.

G-learning is the combination of a video game, an engaging story, using motivating gamification elements, a simulator and complete theoretical contents. By facing different challenges with increasing complexity, players apply the theory to progress in the game at the same time they receive personalized feedback. . G-learning methodology makes the efficient e-learning possible by using an online platform without sacrificing quality.

The main benefits of g-learning versus traditional learning formats are the following:  

  • Greater motivation when facing the learning contents
  • Greater retention and memorization of the contents
  • A fun experience
  • Higher completion rates because the above factors  

G-learning guarantees the learning quality at the same time students enjoy developing skills.

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