Free Webinar: Boost Employee Engagement through Video Games

Training your employees in the 21st century is not a simple task. Many of the current online courses are ineffective and lack motivation. Most workers end up bored and frustrated in front of the computer trying to chose one among the thousand courses included in the Learning Management Systems. According to a study by Forrester Research, only 30% of students starting an e-learning course complete it. Let’s face it: we have a problem.

If you are trying to increase motivation and engagement during their training, then you have to offer other formats. This need has been increased by the arrival of new generations (in less than ten years Millennials will be 75% of the employees), who demand new and more engaging training courses. Times have changed. Corporate training too.

To help you solve this problem, we at Gamelearn have organized the free Webinar “Boost Employee Engagement through Video Games”, where we will teach you how to put an end to high drop-out rates and how to get online training to motivate and engage your employees.

This free Webinar, which will take place on February 28th (11.00am GMT), has limited places, so register now if you want to learn all this:

  • How to turn your training into a useful, practical and applicable tool for your employees.
  • How to make each initiative a fun, attractive and engaging challenge.
  • How to increase the involvement of your employees, being able to reach completion rates of up to 90%.


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Speaker: Caroline Rees

Caroline Rees, Engagement Evangelist at Gamelearn, will lead the Webinar. She is a senior professional with global experience in the e-learning market and has aided in the development of the serious games that have allowed companies around the world to achieve completion rates of over 90%.

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