6 Tips To Find Time To Think About Your Company

Allotting some time every day to think is really important for our productivity. Finding time for reflection allows us to properly plan the start of the working day and stay away from stress. These moments of calm are also important to define objectives and inspire decision-making.

We have compiled 6 tips to help you find the time you need to find your work-life balence and move forwards to success. Take note:

1. Make the most of the first hour

The best moment to think clearly and calmly is early morning. At home, before anyone has gotten up; or in the office, before your first workmates arrive. Getting up early gives you the opportunity to get ahead and make your to-day list [ENLACE] without any interruptions.

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2. Close the door

So, the day has already begun and movement is finally here. Phone calls, emails, meetings, everything starts to accumulate. Find some time to be alone. The best option, if you have an office or a room, is to close that door for a while. It is not about getting isolated from the rest of the team, but more about finding a moment of rest and avoiding interruptions in your most productive hours. They will only knock on your door if there is something really urgent or important.

3. Take a walk around the block

If you are swamped with work and urgently need to get that moment of peace, the best you can do is to go for a little walk around the block or around your office / workplace. Sometimes it is enough to simply go stretch your legs out for five minutes in order to win back that necessary concentration.

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4. Cafe or Library

Students know this very well: it is possible to find a remote book in our usual cafe or library for you to concentrate. In these areas, we can work in isolation even if we are surrounded by people, a feeling that facilitates the work and inspiration to many people.

5. Use earphones

People are less willing to interrupt us when they see that we have our earphones on, because they assume we are focused. This simple gesture –wearing earphones- guarantees us a moment of calm to think, which otherwise would be impossible to find in the middle of the office. Playing music or in silence, wearing earphones will help you concentrate.

6. Make use of empty rooms

Take advantage of the moments when meeting rooms are not occupied to find some time to think. Without having to be away from the office, you will have a moment of solitude to reflect and advance in your planning and decision making processes.

Every organization, whether it is large or small, needs leaders who can have time to think. Planning processes are crucial to setting realistic and achievable goals. The goal-setting process requires a certain period of time for reflection which we must find in order to adapt our strategies to the changing conditions of our time.

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The team must also respect that time their leaders need to think and plan. In that spirit of cooperation, all members can contribute to the success of the organization as a whole.

What are your tips to get time to think about your company?

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