The importance of innovation in corporate training

This past February 25, the Vaughan Group held a conference at the headquarters of the newspaper La Razón, in Madrid, where the importance of continuity and innovation in business training was the main focus.

The leading companies in training and technological innovation: Gamelearn, Chiara, and Smart Protection, were in attendance. Together, the speakers chimed in on the most effective approaches to adapting and thriving in our current technological age.

Here are some of the highlights:

The 3 keys to innovation in business training

1. Training never stops

These days, professional training must be ongoing in order to ensure that employees are getting the most out of it. Uncertainty is inevitable for your team in their day to day, so they must have the right tools to face it head-on.

Ongoing training guarantees employees have the knowledge and skills they need to carry out their tasks efficiently and effectively. It also promotes equal opportunity in teams– if everyone has the same tools and advantages, then workplace competition can be fair. Any person with access to continuous training is better equipped to face challenges. They are constantly being exposed to new tools and skills they can use in any professional or personal problem that may come up.

2. The importance of engagement

It’s no secret that the more motivated an employee is, the more committed and productive they will be in the workplace.

During traditional training processes (in-person workshops, classes, etc.) workers often end up disinterested and disengaged, without learning what they set out to. It’s a waste of everyone’s time.

To avoid boredom and increase effectiveness, more and more companies are putting employee engagement front and center when it comes to professional training.

3. Technology is your friend

New technologies and digital platforms allow automated admin and ensure learning 4.0– learning in the digital age. Both of these are necessary for companies to provide worthwhile and effective training to their employees in 2020.

Innovative training these days, in almost all cases, utilizes e-learning platforms, which allow easy admin oversight throughout the entire training process, effectively saving time and resources.

In order for us to wrap our heads around the digitalization of the training process, we need to understand how new platforms and technologies are correctly implemented.

How companies do it

A flexible and personalized training process must be promoted top-down. While this may seem a daunting task to many HR departments, digitalization should be seen as an opportunity, not a nuisance.

At Gamelearn, we have years of experience combining the 3 keys above to help companies get tangible results. Here’s how we do it:

  1. We offer courses that are available 24/7 and only need internet access to run. All content is adaptable through our LMS.
  2. We promote learning while having fun. In our courses, students are able to connect with the material in a dynamic and memorable way.
  3. We give you access to personalized and detailed analyses for each course and student, in real-time. It’s never been easier for admins.

Mars video game for internal communication

Through technology and modern design, companies are able to generate increased engagement and facilitate learning, thereby ensuring their employees are retaining and applying all the materials they learn in the courses.

Another real-life example is Chiara, a company that offers digital tools for anyone looking to improve their public speaking and communication skills. Everything is done through a mobile VR app, but with just this small step, they have managed to transform their internal and external results and embrace the future as a company.

Whether with internal efforts or with partners such as Gamelearn, Smart Protection, or Chiara, there is no doubt about the effectiveness of applying innovative and technology-driven methods in corporate training. As such, more and more companies are moving in this direction and away from more traditional corporate training approaches. If your company would like to take this step towards innovation and technology, let us know!

Don’t get left behind!

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