Just one extra task each day can make a difference

Getting through your daily To-Do List isn’t easy. But then, when you’re done, another task gets added on top. Another one? Think about it: one extra step each day adds up to 365 tasks completed by the end of the year that you didn’t have on your initial list.

Just one extra task each day can make a difference. We’d all like to think that we’re special, but in reality most of us are just “part of the crowd.” We should ask ourselves what we’re doing to stand out from the rest and improve our productivity. Average is what everybody does. If we want to be successful, we have to go beyond that, try to swim against the tide. Don’t be satisfied with average.

One task a day, no matter how small, can help us to achieve a big objective. This extra effort can mean that we’re always one step ahead (in our work, in our life). Before the day’s over, if we manage to complete this extra task, which might only take a few minutes, will put us at the head of the pack.

What are you doing to keep one step ahead? Share it.

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