5 articles on gamification to help your company rethink its training methods

Gamification is a growing approach in educational sectors and companies of all industries. It presents many advantages and is proven to provide better results than traditional learning methods.

Gamification tools not only make content more appealing and engaging, but they also motivate students, reinforce knowledge, and stimulate soft skills.

This fast-growing industry is essential for today’s forward-thinking companies. That’s why we want to share these 5 articles with you to guide you on your way to implementing it.

1. “The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide to Understanding Gamification”

Whether you’re already familiar with gamification, or if you’re just learning about it now, this step-by-step guide will give you the basis for understanding its components in order to apply them correctly and efficiently.

The article uses illustrative examples to cover all details of gamification– its origins, its evolution, its benefits, its secrets, and more.

Mars video game for internal communication

2. “Global Gamification Market Report”

Once you’re familiar with the concept of gamification and its basics, it’s important to look at where the trends in the learn-by-playing market are pointing.

This detailed report presents us with:

  • Qualitative statistics that highlight key trends in the market.
  • The evaluation of possible gaps and new opportunities in business.
  • Key examples within the gamification market.

It presents data collected from 2014 to 2019 and business projections until 2029.

3. “Gamification is the Future of the Workplace. Here’s Why”

Gamification has not only captivated the most forward-thinking companies but it’s also being noticed in the media and blogosphere. The Lean Competency System, in its Education and Training section, highlights gamification with a captivating article and underscores its efficiency in work environments. It touts it as a clear solution to take full advantage of in the digital age.

The article posits that:

“Gamification is the future of workforce management. The little pockets of success are definitely an indication of better things to come for gamification”.

In short, gamification is here to stay and will be changing the learning methods we’ve become accustomed to.

4. Game Over: Common Gamification Mistakes to Avoid

Up to this point, the benefits that gamification can bring heavily depend on the use of videogame mechanics with an effective and well-planned strategy. Without these components, mistakes in implementation and development may arise.

This article by Captain Up highlights the 6 most common gamification mistakes and how to avoid them. Some examples are thinking in the short term and lack of motivation by participants.

5. Top 10 Groundbreaking Examples of Gamification

In contrast to the previous example, this article spotlights some of the best cases of gamification available. First, we have Pacific, a serious game on leadership and team management through which users are able to learn and apply everything needed to lead a group of people stranded on a deserted island. Together, the team must build a hot air balloon to escape to freedom. Throughout the gamified process, users acquire and reinforce the leadership soft skills that are in such high demand today.

Next, the article looks at some of the pioneering examples of gamification and what we can learn from them.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Move your company into the future with gamification and engage your employees with innovative e-learning tools that boost performance and productivity. The results will surprise you.

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