Summary of Gamelearn in 2015

If you have been following closely the evolution of Gamelearn during this nearly finished 2015, you know that we have not stopped moving around the world and launching new projects. If you could not join us for these last twelve months, we invite you to remember the most important experiences we have lived this season:

The awards

The sweetest part of the year came in the form of prizes, and the recognitions given to Gamelearn during 2015 have been quite a few.

  1. In December, Gamelearn and Merchants were recognized as the best e-learning solutions in the world, according to Elearning! Media Group, which included us in their exclusive ‘The Best of Elearning 2015′ list.
  2. We have also been awarded the gold medal at the Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Technology 2015 awards, together with our client Merck Sharp & Domme (MSD). The learning through videogames programs implemented by MSD were the winners in the Gaming and Simulation category, beating thousands of competitors and applications submitted worldwide.
  3. And once again, and for the second year in a row, we have been included in the Top 20 Training Company as one of the 20 training companies in the world by Training Industry.

Pacific is born, the first serious game on Leadership

It has been the event of the year in the world of Human Resources. On October 29, the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid dressed up to welcome the more than 400 executives who wanted to witness the latest creation by Gamelearn, world leader in the development of serious games for corporate training.

You can see all photos here

Ibrahim Jabary, CEO of the company, directed the launch of Pacific at the Art Center which, for the occasion, became a plane, airport and paradise island for the setting to be consistent with the theme of the Leadership game, in which a group of aid workers must build a balloon to escape the island they have been stranded on.

The most celebrated moment was certainly the staging of Pacific. Jabary began playing the opening chords of the soundtrack – composed by himself – and which was later performed live by the Metropolitan Orchestra of Madrid and the Talía Choir, with the official trailer of the game playing on the background.

Undoubtedly, the launch of the serious game Pacific was the most special moment for Gamelearn in this 2015.

The International Events

Attendance to international fairs has been another major theme at Gamelearn during the year. The strong commitment of the company to spreading game-based learning across the five continents, took the team to many different cities.

  1. In March, Gamelearn was in Barcelona (HRCore Lab), Paris (E-Learning Expo), Mexico (iiR Mexico) and New York (iVentiv). Gamelearn was the only representative of game-based learning in several of these fairs.
  2. In April, we went to the specialized fairs in Miami (Spring CLO Symposium) and Zurich (Swiss HR Management) as ambassadors of serious games and protagonists of the new trends in training.
  3. In May, it was the turn of Orlando (ATD, the world’s largest training and development event) and again the cities of Madrid (eLearning) and Barcelona (HR Directors).
  4. The first semester ended with our visit to the Congrés in Paris in June.
  5. In September, Gamelearn crossed the ocean to attend the T&D in New Orleans, and then went to Mexico (Amedirth), where we returned shortly afterwards to the ATD Mexico in October. It was precisely October which marked the grand finale to the international tour, with the last visits to Berlin (HR Summit) and Brussels (HrCore Academy) … and there is more coming up next year!

New Web and More

We cannot forget about the launching of our new website, which was presented in the summer. A makeover with which we wanted to better explain our methodologies, placing us at the forefront of corporate training.

Through this complete renovation, not only of the web but also of our blog and the contents of our Press Room, we wanted to bring you all the concepts of game-based learning, gamification and serious games so that you will get familiar with the training of the present and future.

The presence in social networks has also become an essential concept for us during 2015. We have dedicated great effort and enthusiasm to Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter in order to get close to all the news and trends in the world of gamification and game-based learning.

From Gamelearn, we wish you a Merry Christmas and promise to return in 2016 with more content to keep helping people and businesses grow.

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