You have to work on soft skills!

Soft skills are the traits that defines your relationships. In our daily life we are obsessed to understand what we do and what others do. Therefore, since childhood we are trained in hard skills, those that have to do with our knowledge, experiences, technical skills, languages … Yes, everything we write on our CV.

Increasingly, we must work on how we do things, in soft skills, related to personal skills that everyone has, everyone manages their own way and that differentiate us from others. Is this path where we have to put our efforts into our personal and professional development, because, on one hand, it will make us more attractive to the market, and secondly, it will help us to reinforce that which differentiates us and how we can use it to our advantage.

The training of the future, in this sense, is one that develops and improves our personal skills, in the professional field referred to as management skills. They are the ones to treasure to be good leaders, not just technical knowledge. To achieve this, a good tool is serious gaming, referring to the use of videogame for purposes other than entertainment, such as corporate training and employee learning and development. We refer to the methodology used in Gamelearn’s serious games as g-learning or game-learning. G-learning refers to the combination of four key elements: Gamification, game-based learning, simulation and online theoretical contents.



With this method, the user progresses through his/her gaming experience to make their own decisions, which develops their skills as they play.

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