A little advice... say "no"

To be truly productive and avoid everyday distractions it is essential to detect what is important in your life (professional and personal) . Eliminate from your life anything that is superfluous, that does not bring you anything positive and that does not contribute to your goals.

The best and most effective tool to be productive we have is probably to say “no”. Learn to say “no” to yourself and to others. Say “no” assertively. And say “no” a lot! Don’t start working on projects that you cannot finish, don’t try to take on more than you can, avoid taking part in activities that are not important. Be realistic about the time that it takes to do things, don’t overestimate your time and don’t ask yourself to do more than you can. We cannot do everything!

We just don’t have the time or energy, so we need to choose: choose to do what’s important. Sometimes it’s hard to say “no”. You’re asked to do some task when you have already got a lot of important work to do. So how do you say “no”? Many time management courses can teach us how to say “no”, even some English lessons can do so!

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