Productivity in summer time

Who has never suffered intense summer heat when working at the office? Who has never felt the tiredness, irritability, and stress that working at high temperatures causes? At this stage, considerable research demonstrates that high temperatures are directly related to labor productivity, and both extreme cold and extreme heat lead us to perform less productively.
When summer arrives, we can see on the horizon the long-awaited vacation that we have probably been planning for months… We are more distracted, less focused. You have the same objectives on your desk as at other times of the year, but our minds can fly to coastal paradises. The pictures of our friends sunbathing flooding social networks don’t help at all…

And then we ask ourselves, what can we do to be in a good mood and keep up our energy when the universe looks like it is conspiring against us?

First of all, it is essential to maintain a suitable temperature in the office. Air conditioning is your greatest ally. It’s important to remember that as its name implies, it should “condition” the environment but not cool it: the key is to achieve a balanced thermal sensation. Here are some good tips related to air conditioning. According to experts, the proper temperature at the office should be between 24º and 25º C (75º-77º F). If it were lower, it would affect people with allergies, asthma, and other breathing issues. Companies must ensure good working conditions for their employees and provide a fresh water source in order to avoid dehydration.

Secondly, we shouldn’t neglect our organizational capacity. It’s true that the volume of work decreases during summer, but there are fewer people working in the office too, so it’s important to keep your tasks under control. There are still objectives to reach.

Thirdly, be positive. It’s normal for the heat to make you want to run out of the office, it can happen to everybody. But, precisely because it’s summer, you will have more hours of sunshine to enjoy after work. When you finish your shift you have more time to do things like going for a walk, having a drink with friends, or going to the swimming pool.

Fourth, don’t torture yourself. It’s not easy, but avoid thinking about what people are doing on vacation. That will only make you feel worse and waste your time while forgetting what’s really important. Your time will come too, you just have to be a little more patient. And then, you’ll be glad you went away with all your objectives completed.

And last but not least, listen to your body. Don’t overeat. Don’t have meals that make you feel heavy, or overly full. Digestion already requires an effort, don’t add more difficulty when the heat is already overwhelming. Drink a lot of water: two liters per day is the minimum amount that doctors recommend.

So much for the theory, but… What about practice? What do you usually do to cool down your workplace? How do you feel about working during the summer? How do you fight against heat? Let us know!

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