New version of Gamelearn' serious game in time management

Triskelion is Gamelearn’s interactive adventure video game played to learn time management and personal productivity. Since its launch in 2011, thousands of employees at hundreds of companies have played Triskelion and, over the course of a thrilling twenty-one day virtual adventure, learned how to plan, prioritize and accomplish objectives.

As employees play Triskelion, a virtual world-simulator analyzes their performance and gives personalized feedback to instill learning as they progress through the game. So, not only do employees see time management lessons as they would watching a (probably boring) video, they actually do time management and, therefore, really learn. With 90% completion rates and 99% positive recommendations, Triskelion has become the best online solution for learning time management skills.

Building on this success and following the same principle we ask of our players that they always strive to improve, we have incorporated three years of product feedback and development and are now proud to announce the launch of new version of Triskelion. Specifically, we have added the following new features and functionality:

  • Interactive introductory tutorials on how to play
  • Ability to delegate or decline tasks, including by e-mail response
  • More robust daily personalized-feedback
  • Trophies and medals that can be earned each virtual day
  • Optimized the bandwidth of videos so they load faster – All done while shortening average play time by 25%!

We invite you to contact us and play the next version of Triskelion.

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