Negotiation Tips on How To Get a Head Start

Conducting an effective negotiation is possible if we know how to start negotiating with an advantage. One of the keys is to do some research in advance to learn more about our interlocutor. Take note of these four basic negotiation tips to achieve effective negotiations:

1 Gather information

Regardless of the negotiating tip we use or our style as negotiators, we will need to gather information to know who we are interacting with, what kind of proposals we can make in the process and what we can expect from our competition.

The most common mistake we can make when starting a negotiation process is to give the impression of not knowing how to manage the meeting or even not knowing enough about our interlocutors. If this is perceived by the other party, they will automatically take control of the negotiation and we will be at a disadvantage.

2 Set your goals in the negotiation

How can we know what type of information we must obtain to carry out an effective negotiation? To answer this question, we bring you this negotiation tip: we need to be clear about what we want to achieve. If we do not know where we want to get, we will not know which way to go.

  • Define your goals.
  • Clearly state what situations you would like to settle with an agreement
  • Identify the points that are especially important for you
  • Define which will be the unifying thread of your proposal. 

Note that the same goal can be achieved in different ways.

3 Find out about the interests of the other party

The next step is to know what it is that the other party wants to achieve. That is the most valuable piece of information that we can get access to: we must start by finding out what the goals of the other party are, as well as their interests and motivations.

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Important: doing research is the most valuable negotiation tip, but it takes time and effort. In return, we will face the negotiation process with good guarantees of success.

4 Present written documentation

Another important negotiation tip to consider is providing documentation at the start of the negotiation. If we present in writing part of that information we have gathered, it will give us power, since most likely the other party has not done so, and therefore we will lay a firm foundation that will benefit us: with written information, it will be easier to defend our interests.

One of the fundamental reasons why written information guarantees an effective negotiation is because, when negotiating, verbal arguments are not always enough.

The more written documentation we provide, the more legitimacy we will enjoy when presenting our position. That is why it is essential to know how to obtain information and have clear and objective documentation to support our reasons.

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