LTD Paris: Gamelearn, safeguard of serious games for corporate training

In Gamelearn, we set course for Paris to attend this June 14th the 13th Congrès LTD and to delve into the latest trends in learning, talent development and corporate training.

Human Resources departments of companies play an important role in the overall success of organizations. Talent development plays an increasingly central part in addressing challenges and training the leaders of tomorrow.

The central axis of the Congrès LTD in the French capital will focus on what is at the forefront of learning for employees. The protagonist of these new methodologies for skill development is the game-based learning, and in particular the use of serious games as its prime example.

Our International Business Developer, Fatiha Banna, will lead the afternoon session, starting at 14:30, entitled “Comment susciter l’envie d’apprendre? Quels leviers offerts par les outils digitaux?” (How to encourage participation in training? Advantages of digital tools). That will be time to have a closer look at key points such as:

  • The motivation of the employee to do a training
  • The new digital tools
  • The game as a new methodology compared to traditional e-learning
  • Benefits of serious games for skill development
LTD Paris talk

A moment of our talk at LTD Paris

Besides, Clement Schneebeli, head of e-learning projects at Bouygues Telecom, will share his own successful experience after implementing Gamelearn’s serious games on negoatiation (Merchants) and time management (Triskelion) in his company.

The success of game-based learning projects like these is a reality in the business network. This is evidenced by the report “The 2014-2019 Global Edugame Market” (Ambient Insight), which places “game-based learning” as the trend in training with the highest growth rate over the next four years, ahead of other methods: Game-based learning (22%), simulation (17%), cognitive (13%), mobile-learning (12%), reference-ware learning (9%), collaborative (7%), e-learning (4%).

Those professionals and experts in talent development who walk by Le Pre Catelan, meeting point for this 2016 edition, will have the opportunity to analyze the reality of the training sector, identify new challenges, share experiences and propose improvements that will stimulate both the employees who take the training courses, and the businesses investing in their workforce.

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