13 Leadership Mantras for 13 Leadership Qualities

Defining leadership so we can cover all of its aspects is no easy task, as there are multiple approaches and ways to tackle the issue. Today, we bring you 13 leadership mantras for 13 leadership qualities:

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1 Be yourself, every leadership style is unique ? Be genuine

There is no magic formula; every leadership style is unique and unlimited. The important thing is to believe in our leadership skills.

2 Know those who you lead ? Empathy

The only way to inspire others is being aware of what motivates them. Asking, listening, building trust, etc., are key qualities to getting to know the people.

3 Leaders don’t choose their followers, followers choose them ? Reliability

We do not choose who we lead, the people choose us as leaders if they believe and trust us.

4 People want leaders they can trust and respect ? Respect

Only if there is trust and mutual respect, the necessary link to practice leadership will be established. An essential leadership mantra.

5 Congratulate quickly, reproach slowly ? Praise

A good leader praises quickly but thinks twice about reproaching. We must always praise in public and reprimand privately.

6 The best leadership equals persuasion ? Conviction

We all have a point of view; the difficult thing is to make others share it. Persuade in order to lead.

7 Honesty is the foundation of effective leadership ? Integrity

Dishonest behaviors undermine our leadership; the touchstone for being solid leaders is keeping our integrity no matter what.

8 Selfishness is the opposite of leadership ? Rewarding

Caring about others and being pleased by others’ success is our own success as leaders.

9 Lead by example ? Be a model

As leaders, we set an ethical standard and we become an example to the whole organization.

10 Erase differences ? Be just

As leaders, we have the responsibility of leading every one equally, never forgetting that no one is more important than the team, not even the leader.

11 Lead people ? Human

It is obvious, but we can never lose sight of the fact that leadership is, above all, about people, so an ethical leadership is a must.

12 The more perspectives, the more solutions ? Creativity

Every challenge, obstacle or problem can be solved in many ways. The more points of view we have, the easier it will be to find the best solution.

13 Say it loud and clear: “I don’t know” ? Humility

Being leaders is not about knowing everything. Also, leaders say it loud an clear: “My mistake”. Two leadership mantras that you should not forget.

What are your leadership mantras?

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