Top 11 Leadership Competencies That Will Make You Indestructible (Infographic)

There are many leadership competencies required of the person who takes the role of the leader. We have gathered these 11 leadership competencies that will help you to become indestructible from now on. Take a note:

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1. Proactivity

Leaders are also required to implement new ideas and projects, so they will not get stuck and they will be a driving force for change within the team. Discover the importance of being proactive and take the initiative.

2. Leading from within

As a leader, you have the ability to manage your team and the internal environment of your organization, but it is not always that you will be able to take your influence outwards. Concentrate on your inner environment and focus on the people with whom you work, your team, and not on the outside world. Work on improving what you have closer to you.

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3. Rewarding attitude over results

Results are important for good leaders, but even more so is the attitude of their team members. Do not act as if results are all that matters, reward those who work for something else, reward their willingness to cooperate, the optimistic attitude, the desire to improve… the teams working with a positive attitude will also eventually achieve the expected results.

4. Communicating clearly

One of most demanded leadership competencies now and in the future is the ability to communicate effectively, i.e. clearly. Listening to opinions from the rest of the team is an important piece in the set of communication skills, because knowing the opinion of the rest is essential to express our own and then make the best decision. It is not easy but, just like other skills, it can be improved through practice.

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5. Empathy

Great leaders are valued for their ability to take the place of others. Only then can you really get to understand the needs and concerns of the team. This is a very sought-after skill in the area of leadership, because lack of empathy translates into a sense of incomprehension that generates discomfort and disruption in the team. Show displeasure with the failure of your team, rejoice when they reach success.

6. Managing success

To triumph, you also need to know how to manage success. The leader is required, among their leadership competences, to be able to set short-term goals, so that small victories will be gradually celebrated. It is the responsibility of the leader to know how to channel these successes to get even closer to the big goals.

7. Adaptation to change

In an increasingly competitive world, the ability to adapt to change can make a difference in leadership. Among the functions that will be required of the leader, there is to find small changes that will help us be more efficient, to look for innovative ideas that will mean benefits for the organization, etc. In short, adapting to changes is necessary to meet the needs of the company and customers, to be in a dynamic environment that needs a guide who can lead the team.

8. Tracking

For a leader, it is important to check the impact of their decisions on their team and the entire organization. This way, they can work on their areas for improvement and obtain feedback on their leadership, so their future plans and relations with their peers will be perfected.

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9. Motivation

To motivate, perhaps the most importantly leadership competency. That is a fundamental quality in every good leader, necessary to reach the objectives and perform the tasks. Without motivation, the team does not work. Leaders have in their hands the key to finding in the team the necessary strength to do the job.

10. Assertiveness

The leader is always asked to defend their interests and express their opinions calmly and without riding roughshod over the rights of others. We are talking about assertiveness, one of the key leadership competencies of the present and the future. It is also a skill that guarantees better relationships and increases the chances of success. Be assertive to express your own criteria and reach your goals.

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11. Location of needs

Another one of the most important leadership skills is the ability to locate needs in your team so you can devote time to fixing them and improving the synergy of the group. By paying attention to the weaknesses, a leader can then multiply the strengths of the organization. Find a solution for that which is not working, do not accept failure as a possibility.


Which of these leadership competencies is more important to you? What other skills would you add?

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