International Fun at Work Day, going to work in good spirits

This April 1st, International Fun At Work Day will be celebrated. Many companies have eagerly joined this global initiative, which has been a “Day” since 1996; a nice celebration that, after nearly 20 years of existence, is the perfect excuse to propose a fun day at the office.

Also, some countries call this day: the April Fools’ Day. During today, tricks, jokes and pranks are done at the workplace and business. The objective: having fun while doing work.

In Spain, the responsible for spreading this initiative have been the guys from “Humor Positivo“, Jesús Damián Fernández and Eduardo Jáuregui, and it has had an extraordinary success since its proposal in 2008.

Often, initiatives in Fun At Work Day include rewarding activities that help to “team up“. Contests, challenges, competition between departments… tasks that foster creativity and nurture comradeship. In Gamelearn we know ourselves how to turn “any day” into a fun day. Watch the video:

The “Fun at Work Day” is intended for us to turn a day of ordinary work into a totally different and fun one, in which employees can relax with their colleagues. There are many benefits to be found in a day like this April 1st. You don’t think so? Read on!

  • A positive and relaxed attitude improves communication among workmates.
  • A fun day means humor, which will result in good working environment.
  • Humor reduces stress and therefore improves the health of employees.
  • A relaxed day spent laughing will increase the motivation of the whole team and create links.
  • Relationships with customers will be strengthened because of the “good vibes”, thus boosting sales.

At Gamelearn we try to keep this fun spirit throughout the year, always making it compatible with the effort and excellence in our performance. One of the initiatives we implemented in our office a few months ago is “My Friday Tune“: every Friday an employee has the opportunity to share their favorite song with the rest of the team. You can follow this idea closely on our Facebook. Visit us and music, maestro, please!

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