The Increasing importance of soft skills development

Soft skills are personal attributes that determine how effectively and harmoniously we interact with others. Examples of soft skills include communicating, problem solving, leadership and team building, selling, inspiring and motivating, negotiating and time management.

Soft skills, also known as people skills, play a highly important role in the workplace and in professional and personal development.

Unlike hard skills, soft skills are differentiating factors and broadly applicable in every professional field. Consequently, such skills are increasingly demanded by employers, and desired by employees. In fact, soft skills may be a more important determinant of future success, inside and outside the workplace, than technical or functional skills.

Some lucky individuals have soft skills as inherent behavioral traits, however the majority of people have to work on their development. The learning process of soft skills is completely different from the way hard skills are learnt. For soft skill development the study of theoretical contents from reading a book or watching a video is not enough. Soft skills are developed only through constant practice and application.

An example will better illustrate the point. A person desiring to improve her communicating skills could set out to read various books, watch videos, and attend different workshops to discover techniques and tips. But at the end of the day, she would have to put the techniques and tips she learned into practice to develop mastery and realize an improved ability to communicate.

By mixing video game fun and drawing on decades of corporate training know-how, Gamelearn has developed the best solution to learn soft skills. Gamelearn’s games integrate three crucial elements:

  1. The contents of a comprehensive course
  2. A complex simulator, which allows for extensive practice in a virtual environment
  3. The engagement of a video game so the learner completes the material.

Since this is all done in a controlled and safe game environment, the result is the soft skill is really effectively learned.

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