Increase Your Productivity: 6 Keys To Make The Most Of Lunchtime

We spend a lot of time in the office. Lunchtime is key to disconnecting and it is also the perfect moment to manage our stress properly. We give you 6 keys to help you rest during your break and face the rest of your day with energy:

1. Change of environment

To effectively manage your stress and increase productivity, it is very important to keep to the timetable for lunchtime. A good way to ensure your rest is to change your environment; if you have the chance of going out to a café or have lunch outside the office, you will be able to turn lunchtime into quite a healthy habit.

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2. Chat

Take that time to chat with your colleagues. Interaction with other coworkers can help you not only to disconnect, but to make lunchtime a pleasurable time. Bonding and getting to know better the people you spend so much time with every day will lighten your mood and also increase productivity.

3. Connect “out of the office”

A great tip to manage your stress effectively is to disconnect from your work environment and contact other people. Phone a friend, speak with a relative, write a personal email, contact an acquaintance living in the area. You will feel you are making the most of your time while your brain gets a rest. Do you know how to be productive and enjoy your vacation at the same time?

4. Plan

Do not skip your rest time. If you feel that you have too many pending tasks and you struggle to find time even for lunch, change your way of thinking and make a stop. Lunchtime is the perfect opportunity to learn to effectively manage stress: if you are overworked, plan the rest of your day and see your stress decrease while you increase productivity.

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5. Take your time

Lunchtime is, above all, a time taken to eat. Many people make the mistake of doing it at high speed, which can contribute to increase your stress and then reduce your ability to concentrate. Follow the advice of nutritionists: eat unhurried and the right amount (neither too much nor too little); if you also try healthy food, the better for your performance and your health.

6. Walk

Admit it: you spend much time sitting down. The position in which we usually work (sitting at our desk) causes troublesome symptoms such as neck and back pain and eyestrain. In addition, the lack of movement increases our chances of gaining weight. Take lunchtime to manage your stress and, while you are at it, walk or move. Your body needs it.

What do you do during your break to keep stress down and increase productivity?

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