Honing your coaching skills with the serious game Echo

More and more companies are moving towards e-learning to give their employees high-quality tools that serve specific training needs. By mixing innovation and training, online training platforms deliver effective and dynamic results that will be felt in all aspects of students’ professional and office life.

The Gamelearn Platform offers everything your company needs to benefit from the most effective and engaging professional training experience on the market. Students are offered a comprehensive Campus, where they can access all their courses, while managers see an LMS (Learning Management System) where they can oversee the details. The platform can be easily integrated into any LMS that you may already have.

Another plus is that companies can use the Editor tool to transform their own training materials into engaging and dynamic customized video games. Gamelearn’s over 2,500 satisfied clients are all testament to the effectiveness of the training platform.

At Gamelearn, we take pride in listening to our customers. We understand how important it is to have dynamic and innovative training tools that mesh with your company’s culture and philosophy. After listening to the demands of our clients, we are proud to announce that we are expanding our course catalog with Echo, a serious game on coaching that will be available in spring.

Echo is a game-based learning course that is:

  • Practical and applicable to different profiles.
  • Innovative due to its unique format.
  • Revolutionary and powerful thanks to its teaching methodology.
  • Quick, flexible, and easy to play.
  • Fun, unique, and entertaining.

To dive deeper into the world of Echo, we’ve interviewed Samuel Prado, the co-creator of the serious game.

How would you describe Echo?

Echo is a serious game that puts coaching skills front and center. Students take on the role of a coach to help an important public figure effectively implement a global strategy to eliminate plastic from our oceans.

How does learning through Echo work?

In three simulated coaching sessions, students will apply their learned skills to make sure their coachee analyzes the reality of the situation, defines their objectives, explores alternatives, and devises a logical plan of action.

Throughout the learning process, students will apply important lessons and information to test and improve their coaching abilities.

What skills and abilities does Echo focus on?

Echo hones the practical skills that any coach must apply during a coaching session. It focuses, in large part, on neutrality and the use of open-ended and point-driven questions.

Additionally, Echo covers other key traits, such as self-confidence, empathy, assertiveness, and self-awareness.

By the end of the serious game, students will have uncovered the secrets of the coaching process. They will have all they need to be an effective coach and draw out the potential of their entire team.

Why Echo?

Echo is designed for all types of professional profiles, especially managers and leaders who want to encourage the development of their teams.

In short, Echo is a key training tool for companies that want to stimulate their team’s growth by developing their coaching skills and abilities.

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