How to define a plan, a goal and a victory to improve your productivity

Sometimes it is positive to think in terms of short-term goals. Just for one day, focus on how to define a plan to celebrate today. Keeping yourself motivated regarding major objectives is difficult when we encounter everyday difficulties. It is inevitable for us to feel discouraged because we fail to see the progress and our ultimate goal is still far away. Doubts arise and lack of motivation appears.

Short-term plans are easier to visualize and define than the main goals we aspire to reach. But once achieved, they allow us to get closer to our vision and make it increasingly achievable. These are the 6 steps that will allow you to celebrate a victory today:

1. Think short-term

Exceptionally, stop worrying about the current year or month. Do not think about whether your business is on the right track towards the goal of the year, or if you are having a good or bad month. For just a moment, focus on the present. Work towards a goal today, avoid procrastinating.

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2. Plan your day to celebrate today

Take a few minutes at the beginning of the day to design your immediate objective. The best way to do that is to write a to-day list, just as every day, considering the benefits it will bring you to accomplish the tasks planned for your day, and make sure you include all of this in your planning:

  • Something positive you can achieve today. Start by finishing these priority tasks.
  • Things you can avoid. Just for one day, get away from any of your low-productivity vices.
  • A task that means an advance. No matter how small it is; do something that will take you further.

3. Prioritize your goals

Once your task list has been designed, it is the time to prioritize. Start by doing the most important tasks and do them early, just when you are more productive.

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4. Break bad habits

We know, changing a bad habit is not easy, let alone doing it overnight. Just for today, try to avoid things that you know are hindering your productivity (for example, do not check your social networks, do not have a meeting unless it is necessary, mute your phone… just for a day!). Make a commitment in the short term and it will be much easier.

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5. Turn your victory into a big step

At the end of the day, you will see that you have managed to define a plan, a goal, and you have had a victory that you have been able to celebrate today. Turn that victory into a big step toward your ultimate goal. Congratulations!

6. Repeat

Try again tomorrow. Make it a routine to focus on small goals for the present, small objectives that will ultimately bring you closer to your main goal.

In short, defining a plan, setting a goal and celebrating a victory today not only helps us to get results immediately and stay motivated, but it also lets us know that our efforts are good for something: we are closer to our big goal. What are your plans to succeed today?

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